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About the Prize
The Sunny Art Prize was born with the aim to provide artists and communities with an international platform to exchange, express and share culture. It gives audiences a space to engage with different media such as painting, sculpture, ceramic work, installation, performance, photography, jewellery and design. It is meant to be a collective experience where audiences from all over the world join a selection of international artists in a democratic conversation about contemporary art and creative experiences.

The Aim of the Prize
The Prize is an international opportunity open to artists, collectives and communities from all over the world. We will shortlist 30 international artists who will then have the opportunity to exhibit their work across different locations in different continents without financial burdens. Three finalists will also get the opportunity to travel a free residency programme. This would further enhance the dialogue between creative communities, benefit both the travelling artists and locals alike as well as promote the exchange between Western and Eastern cultures.  

We have successfully managed to obtain a huge and incredibly positive response for the previous edition of the Sunny Art Prize from both the public and the media. Yet, we will need your support in order to make this project a truly global, international one and to take away heavy-laden financial pressure from artists. It is our aim to not only support the artists themselves, but the audiences with whom they can share at a cultural level. Therefore, the participating artists will be part of a project meant to set up an international community, a collective project which does not emphasise homogeneity, but the heterogeneous, multi-disciplinary cultural world we live in.

The Sunny Art Children Prize 

The Sunny Art Children’s Prize aims to promote creativity among youths. We believe in an art world that can bring change and transform society through a powerful and positive exchange with younger generations. 

Through your support, we would be able to organise a special edition of the Art Prize where young audiences from all over the world can submit their work and participate in an exhibition especially tailored to them without any extra charge.

What is Awarded to Artists?
A total cash fund of £6,000 is awarded to the three finalists of the prize.

First Prize: £3,000, a public solo and a group exhibition in London, a one-month residency, and two group exhibitions (1 in London and 1 in China).

Second Prize: £2,000, a group exhibition in London, a one-month residency, and two group exhibitions (1 in London and 1 in China).

Third Prize: £1,000, a group exhibition in London, a one-month residency, and two group exhibitions (1 in London and 1 in China).

30 Shortlisted Artists’ works will be exhibited in a group exhibition in London. Of these 30, 10 artists’ artworks will travel to a new exhibiting location in China.

The Exhibitions
The opening ceremony will kick off at the beginning of the Prize with a 1-month group exhibition of 30 shortlisted artists at Sunny Art Centre in London.

Sunny Art Centre, London

The three finalists, as well as 10 of the 30 shortlisted artists, will exhibit for one month in Beijing at the Field Art Centre and the Cheng Art Centre in Beijing as well as one month in Macau at Blanc Art.

Field Art Centre, Beijing

Blanc Art, Macau

Haidian District Beijing Art Centre, Beijing

The Residency Programme

The free residency programme will happen in the southwestern regions of Asia. It will take the winners on a cultural journey in the Chinese region of Hainan and the residency takes place in the Yuchuan Temple, right in the heart of the region. As opposed to some Asian mega-cities, this region is still characterised by the incredibly intact presence of century-old traditions, untouched landscapes and religiously cultivated spaces, yet it is just a stone-throw away from the vibrant and dynamic city of Haikou, with its grand architecture, art museums and modern city life. This residency will give the winners a unique opportunity to experience two worlds of Eastern cultural and artistic life, one of traditionalism and one of innovative modernisation. It will also give the artists a chance to engage and collaborate with one of today’s emerging and thriving contemporary art markets – China.

These are the different projects in which your support will be distributed in order to make this Prize a reality:

  • The funds will help towards the cash award granted to the first three finalists. We would love to see the future of these talented artists flourish and a cash incentive would provide them with support to further enhance their career.

  • The admin work throughout the year to organise a one-month exhibition in London and a one-month exhibition in Beijing (This includes the Children’s Prize). This includes art historical consent, maintenance of online serves are submission portals, curatorial selection and administration of thousands of submissions, preparation of digital and physical material such as catalogues and pamphlets as well as postcards.

  • Your contribution will also fund a small team of technicians that can help artists with hanging delicate works, packing, setting up and dismantling all the exhibitions. Unfortunately, we do not have the extensive support of a large-scale team as most museums and national art institutions do. Your support will be essential in order to gather a small team of talented people that share the same vision.

  • The arrangement of the artist residency programme at the Yuchan temple in the Chinese Region of Hainan. This includes travel expenses for the artists (i.e flight tickets and accommodation, materials and facilities) as well as operational support to organise it.

  • The funds will also cover one of the most critical expenses for artists meaning the transportation of artworks. Some artists live and work in distant areas of the world and shipment expenses sometimes reach unbelievable sums.

  • The hiring of an expert team of PR assistants that will be able to oversee the marketing aspects of the exhibitions, from organising international events to helping us to spread the word.

Our marketing efforts 

Following the efforts of our marketing team, the Prize has received an exceptional reputation and success from previous campaigns as shown in recent google rankings and with 6.8million search engine's results. This means we can provide the shortlisted artists with further digital recognition and enhanced online presence so to allow them to reach out to wider audiences.

Our Supporters

Thank you for supporting the arts and culture

We know you value the arts and culture as an integral and enriching part of our lives. Therefore, by supporting the Prize, we want to thank you for helping artists thrive in an increasingly austere economic climate which has affected the cultural and creative communities significantly. We want people to enjoy and be part of an international art world, and your support will contribute towards keeping it democratic and accessible to everybody, artists and audiences alike.

It is YOUR moment to help the ARTS and ARTISTS thrive NOW.

Our Rewards

Sunny Art Prize 2018 Catalogue

Sunny Art Prize Catalogue 2018, matte finish cover (from £40 Pledge) worth £15. Contains all shortlisted artists and some of their work.

Limited Edition Catalogue 

Limited Edition Sunny Art Prize Catalogue 2018, matte finish cover (from £500 Pledge) worth £150 (only 75 available). Contains all shortlisted artists and their work. Galaxy pledge (£5,000) includes catalogues with all artists’ signatures (worth £500).

Tote Bag

Fine cotton tote bag (from £40 pledge), worth £10.

Art Classes Voucher 

Art Classes Voucher for painting/drawing classes with our expert tutors, 1 class (worth 33.60) from £100 pledge, 4 classes (worth £129.60, only 50 available) from £500 pledge, 8 classes (worth £249.60 only 25 available) from £1,000 pledge, 12 classes (worth £358.80 only 5 available) from £5,000.

Wall Recognition

Supporter recognition on exhibition’s walls, (from £100 pledge).

Online Recognition

Supporter recognition on Sunny Art Centre website (all pledges).

Signed Unframed Print
A3 unframed original print of a shortlisted artwork (choose later) with artist’s signature (from £100 pledge, worth £90).

Signed & Framed Print

A3 Framed print of a shortlisted artwork (choose later) with artist’s signature (from £500 pledge, worth £150).

VIP invitation to opening ceremony

VIP invitation to the Prize Opening Ceremony, 2 free drinks included.

Certificate of Appreciation

Eternity Trophy of Appreciation

About Sunny Art Centre
The Sunny Art Centre is a creative hub located on the historically rich Gray’s Inn Road, only a minute’s walk from Chancery Lane tube station.  The history of this location is particularly important to the identity and standards which the gallery unwaveringly aspires to.  The Honorable Society of Gray’s Inn dates back to 1370 and was also home to Sir Francis Bacon as well as being where Shakespeare first performed his plays.  We house exquisite paintings, sculptures, ceramics, antique furniture, and many other unique artworks.

Our art centre has an extensive collaboration experience with large-scale institutions and enterprises including the BBC, ITV, SKY TV, Selfridges & Co, HSBC, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Southbank Centre, Royal Academy of Arts, the School of History and Cultures at the University of Birmingham, PwC, Harrods and many others.

The Centre also offers specialised art consultancy and art rental services for businesses and individuals.  Similarly, we also offer a tailored art consultancy service for contemporary artists to help them sell their artworks.

Our aim is to bring the beauty of art to life through an extensive exhibition programme, educational courses and corporate services.  These allow us to stimulate debate, address questions of cultural diversity and reach out to a wider audience.

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