Miser's Millions Sunderland Event 1 - Airshow 2017

Offering FREE fun, entertainment and even FREE cash to local people, especially those who may need a windfall to make all the difference.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Any donation, large or small is gratefully accepted with our thanks.

Have you ever found some long forgotten money in a pocket, your purse or wallet or in a coat you haven’t worn for a long time? No matter how well off you are it always gives you a nice feeling doesn’t it?

 Well, everyone likes to find money or an unexpected windfall, none more than those who have very little or even nothing at all. That’s where we try to help.

Available to everyone but aimed mainly at those members of our communities who have little in the way of disposable income, Miser’s Millions is a fun and FREE to play game based on social media but played in the real world with real cash prizes for those who win.

It’s a great free way for individuals young and old as well as families to get out and about, spend time together and visit places they may never usually see in their local area. All of this with the real chance of finding some real money to make things a little better.

In the spirit of Geocaching or more recently Pokémon Go, we hide stashes of cash or prizes in and around a specific area (mainly Tyne and Wear at this point) and offer clues to where the goodies can be found. Whoever finds the stash first keeps what they find.

We try to hold at least one event a month and attempt to build up an air of anticipation and excitement before launching the event. Our events have already sparked interest and been successful but we want to offer bigger and better stashes to increase engagement and build a group of loyal followers who know that there really is real money or prize stashes out there but we can’t do it alone, well not as quickly as we would like – this is where you come in.

Advertising, administration and of course the stashes themselves have all been funded by us but we are now looking for other individuals, groups or businesses willing to offer some cash or prizes to really get our community events off the ground.

Here’s exactly how we use all funding we receive:

50% Prize Fund
This is the money given to our winners. Whether it’s £5 or £50 free money always brings a smile to someones face, especially when they may have little themselves.

30% Admin & Advertising
Advertising, administration, stationery, equipment and supplies, telephone bills, website hosting and site design, travel costs to and from events as well as the work involved with social media etc. are a huge drain on resources. While we would love to give everything to those who deserve it, to make this a long-lasting project in the future all costs need to be met.

10% Future Event Investment
This allows the next event a chance to hit the ground running with at least some of the costs already covered.

10% Local Charity Donation
We’ll make  a donation of 10% from all funding received to a relevant charity local to the area where the event takes place. 

Our chosen Charity for this event is Community Sustainability Services (CSS).
10% of ALL sponsorship received for this event will go to this Sunderland Based Charity.
Community Sustainability Services (CSS) formerly Sunderland Community Furniture Service was formed in 1991. CSS became an Incorporated Private Limited Company and Registered Charity in August 1994.
The objectives of the charity are:
-To relieve poverty in particular by supplying and renovating furniture and household goods to those in need in North East England.
-The relief of elderly or disabled people by participating in any charitable schemes or services intended to benefit such people in need.
-To protect and safeguard the environment for public benefit particularly through the promotion of re-use and recycling as a means of waste disposal and the provision of recycling activities.
Visit their website at: http://csshelp.org.uk/css_site/


Our funders are awesome and we try to offers some rewards as an incentive and to say thank you for supporting our events. Here’s what we offer our amazing funders:

Donate £10 - As a small (but heart-felt) thank you, all sponsors will receive a shout out on our social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter and on our official website if they want it (their name or business name)

Donate £25 and we’ll feature your name in all our shout-outs featuring just you and your logo if you have one and supply it to us.

Donate £50 and you’ll be featured as a Stash Sponsor with your own stash within the event,  be featured in shout-outs and added to a special list of Featured Sponsors on our official website forever.

Donate £150 and you’ll be entitled to be an event sponsor with your name/logo attached to all marketing connected to this event and added to a special list of Featured Sponsors on our official website forever.

Donate £250+ As an elite Sponsor We’ll organise a future event in an area of your choosing (within Tyne & Wear). This could be near or even in your place of business or local area (pending certain safety regulations being met of course) and you will be the main sponsor of that event and in a special list of ELITE Sponsors on our official website forever.

REMEMBER: Contact us with your logo and/or business name if you want it to be used in connection with your donation.

About the event your are helping to fund:
It’s ‘up, up and away’ with our very first Sunderland event and it’s a Signature Event too so plenty of stashes to go around.

Some time on Saturday 22nd July 2017 Miser Stashes will be hidden in a location somewhere within Sunderland. We can’t say exactly when or where just yet but we will give our players clues as soon as we know the Miser has hidden them.

This event is planned to coincide with the 2017 Sunderland International Airshow. There’s going to be plenty of people in the area so if you’re planning to visit the Airshow, it might be worth your while to join in this event.

Just like the airshow, our event is 100% FREE and finding our stashes could just help with some of the other expenses a trip to the airshow incurs such as ice cream and snacks for the kids or a refreshing drink for the mums and dads.

Official event pages: 
Website: http://misersmillions.com/mm/sunderland-event-1-airshow/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/508262582897316/

Please support a local event and local charity no matter how small your contribution it will make a huge difference to everyone involved.


About Miser's Millions:

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"Will you be first to find the Miser’s Hoard?

Welcome to Miser’s Millions.
If you live in the United Kingdom there’s real cash and real prizes to be found, perhaps right on your own doorstep.

Miser’s Millions is a brand new game where money or prize stashes are hidden, with clues to their location published on social media.

Miser stashes could be located ANYWHERE in the UK.
Simply crack the clues, get out of the house and be first to find those stashes - what you find, you keep.

We hold events with numerous stashes to be found in a single area or region so if you miss one stash you can still find another, you could even find multiple stashes and if you’re really good, you could find them all – but you’ll have to be quick!

If there’s not been a stash near you, let us know. If there’s enough interest we’ll try and organise the next event where you live.
It’s fun, exciting, rewarding and totally free to play so there’s nothing to lose but plenty to gain.

Tell your family and friends all about Miser’s Millions too, they’ll love you when they find their first stash; maybe they’ll even share it with you.

Don’t miss out; follow Miser’s Millions on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to discover the clues that will lead YOU to the miser’s goodies.

To find out more visit our official site at www.misersmillions.com"