Sunday Social

Sunday Social

The aim of our project is to develop a safe creative environment for people of all ages.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The aim of our project is to develop a safe, creative environment for people of all ages. 

Working alongside local theatre producers Chalice Media Limited, Sunday Social aims to provide a safe environment for members of the community to meet up, make friends and develop skills, discover new talents or simply have a place to go on a monthly basis to be entertained and have a chat.  We offer free music lessons delivered by our members.   The Sunday Social is an organic group steered by its members with trained facilitators on hand to offer a little guidance and to generally muck in and have fun doing so.

We have held two pilot sessions already and the group has so far taken on a musical theme, with beginners and more seasoned performers coming together and trading skills.  The group aims to host a christmas concert showcasing what we have been working on throughout the year.  For some this would be the first time they have performed in a public place, not to mention in front of an audience.  We also aim to create a YouTube channel "Sunday Social - In Session" to create an online presence for our talent showcase. 

Its not all about music though, we have had a bit of photography, warhammer gaming and knitting thrown into the mix too, not to mention the cups of tea and the playing!

We have recieved some amazing feedback already from our regular attendees and have already grown in number.  The money raised from this campaign will enable us to sustain the project in the future and will be put towards the cost of the hire of the facility we operate from and the hire of equipment to be able to put the concert together, making it a concert to remember for all the right reasons.