Save The Sunbathers

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The Crowd
£19,326 raised of £19,326

Funding partners

Crowdfund for heritage has provided £7,500 of funding

Heritage Lottery Fund

Since 1994, Heritage Lottery Fund has invested £7 billion raised by National Lottery players in all sorts of UK heritage projects. We rescue buildings from decay, breathe new life into neglected parks and landscapes, and encourage communities to record and celebrate their stories. This extra funding is supported by Nesta and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

The Crowd

Anonymous pledged £15 4th May 2017
Neal Dunne pledged £30 4th May 2017 Neal Dunne also pledged on 1 other project
Nick Bailey pledged £100 4th May 2017 Nick Bailey also pledged on 2 other projects
Ned Donovan pledged £100 24th April 2017 Ned Donovan also pledged on 1 other project
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