Summer's Fundraising

Summer is four years old and she wants to help less fortunate. We have decided to raise funds on her birthday to fulfil her wish. On birthdays she gets lots of expensive toys and she doesn't use most of it. We have also asked everyone invited to donate money towards the cause.

We did it!

On 3rd Jan 2014 we successfully raised £430 of £300 target with 18 supporters in 42 days

My Name is Summer and I am four years old. I enjoy going to school, playing with friends, playing with mummy and daddy and my little brother.

I live in London, UK.
My Birthday is in December. I am planning to raise money in my birthday so I can help a child in Nepal.


Every Birthday I get lots of present but I can't play with all of it and goes to waste. I also  want to send my spare toys and clothes to someone who doesn't have it.

Please help me to raise some money so I can help less fortunate.


One day Summer mentioned that she wanted to help someone . I took movie of what she said. Please watch it.
I was very impressed by her thoughts so decided to do something about it. As  parents we feel that it is quite important nurture her thoughts. 
What ever Summer raises on her birthday will be used to sponser a child in Nepal. Even with few hundred pounds we are planning to collect, it will make a huge difference for someone . There are still places where people live under a pound a day for a family. Few hundred pounds might be more than enough to sponser education, food and clothing for a child or may be more.
We have chosen Nepal because that's where her heritage is from. Whilst in Nepal she also witnessed sheer poverty .There was an incident where about 4-5 year old child was begging on street with blind mother .Summer stopped and  asked lots of questions about the situation.
We will use all of the funds raised and will update everyone what has been done. 
Also Hopefully , More people might do same thing and use/auction unused presents to raise funds.


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