Summerhill Democratics Summer Camp

by Summerhill Democratics in London, England, United Kingdom

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Summerhill Democratics, a Spanish NGO run by former Summerhill staff and students, is planning the FIRST DEMOCRATIC summer camps for kids!

by Summerhill Democratics in London, England, United Kingdom

The NGO Summerhill Democratics is starting a summer camp for children aged 11-14

What is Summerhill Democratics NGO ? 

We are a registered non-profit Spanish based NGO that promotes the Summerhill style of Democratic Education around the world.

Who are your directors and Volunteers ?

All of our directors and volunteers are experienced former staff and students of the original Summerhill School in the United Kingdom. We are not Summerhill School, but having been at Summerhill we want to share its important philosophy.

What is the Summerhill style of education?

Summerhill School is the oldest Democratic Free School in the World, founded in 1921 by A. S. Neill. The Summerhill  style is famous for giving students free choice of action in a democratic community. 

What does that mean?

It means that children live in community with staff and make their own decisions about their daily life, including their learning narrative. It means social and emotional growth is front and centre. It means democratic meetings to decide community issues. It means personal and community responsibility. It means that the students are free to learn through following their interests.

Does it work?

Absolutely. Not only are students free and happy at school and better in touch with their emotions and abilities, they also have exam success rates equal to or better than the national average.

And also?

Also, and importantly, it allows children to experience the meaning of personal freedom and democracy on a daily basis. Our NGO Summerhill Democratics believes that any truly democratic state should want this for all its children. Especially in this day and age, when democracy is fragile around the world. It is astonishing that we put children into autocratic, controlling systems and expect them to become adult citizens passionate about freedom and democracy.

About the Camp

The first Camp will be the Model, the Template for a repeatable Summerhill Style Camp experience anywhere in the world. It will last for two weeks and give children an opportunity to get a small taste of the Summerhill style and the principles of democratic education.  There will be a wide and free choice of activities and meetings at which the whole camp community will contribute to sorting out problems and proposing solutions.

The firm guidance of the camp will be in the hands of experienced ex-Summerhillians who will ensure that the camp adheres to the basic principle of freedom not licence. They will also ensure proper rules regarding health and safety.

BUT there's more the the Model than you may think 

Developing a Model that can be used in different countries, different cities means that parents interested in Summerhill style education will be able to be in closer contact with one another. For example ... we have fans and newsletter subscribers around the world ... 101 people in Budapest, 40 in London, 72 in Warsaw, 32 in Madrid ... hundreds in total  from Poland, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and the Czech Republic. In fact people from 24 European countries, 45 countries world wide have contacted us. And for those who can can attend, those in the same country or city or regions we will offer a parent/public day so that we can discuss the basic practicalities of starting and running a Summerhill style school; as well as how to practise democratic methods in state schools. We will put serious people in contact with one another, and those groups can then be in contact with us. To continue project ideas.

So many people want Free Democratic Education for their children but are isolated, don't have the skill knowledge, and are concerned about legal and money issues. The Summerhill Democratics Summer Camp will give your children a great taste of the Summerhill style but can also offer a positive start to your democratic education plans; help make your dreams for a better education for children a reality.


A great camp for kids ... and great possibilities for parents. 

Where will the money go?

We need to cover administration, marketing, legal help in negotiating our responsibilities and the material requirements for the first camp. We would also like to pay the team working on the project for their time.


  • The development  of the Summer Camp Model
  • The training of future Camp staff 
  • Legal Costs (Administration / Insurance)
  • Accommodation (Tents / Beds)
  • Hiring Costs (Location / Transport)
  • Food and Cooking Equipment
  • Travel Expenses for Pre-Planning
  • Office Expenses (Internet, Phone, Printer)
  • Camp Materials for Activities (Survival, Film equipment, Art Supplies, Books etc.)
  • Staff Wages for this year's staff and Camp Training (Health and Safety / First Aid)



Many thanks from the Summerhill Democratics NGO team!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A thank you tweet!

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A handwritten thank you letter

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Summerhill Democratics T-shirt

£250 or more

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Summerhill Democratics T-shirt and Summerhill Democratics Mug

£500 or more

£500 Reward

Summerhill Democratics T-shirt, Summerhill Democratics Mug, signed copy of Summerhill And A S Neill

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Reward

Three one hour Summerhill Democratic consultations for you or a friend. See for more details. 2 T-shirts and a mug.

£2,000 or more

£2,000 Reward

One free place for a child of your choice in the next Summerhill Democratics Summer Camp, two t-shirts and two mug.

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