Summer Youth Bhangra Outreach Project

To promote Punjabi Folk Dances to the Youth during their summer hols. To best drum up interest and provide a platform, classes will be FREE!

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 7:00pm 13th September 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 7:00pm 13th September 2018

New stretch target

As this project is to drum up interest amongst the Youth, we are hoping for it to tie into our next organisational goal and project aim, the Bhangra Dance London Youth Academy. 

For this start with a bang, we will be investing in Uniforms, Bhangra props/instruments (Shikke, Khoonde and Kaato), rehearsal space and general running costs.  Any additional money we make from the 'stretch target, will solely be used for the above and in turn, provide less costs to the students and their families.

Many Thanks!

Summer Youth Bhangra Outreach Project

This August in conjunction with the summer school holidays, we will be launching the Bhangra Outreach Project in Slough. The project will consist of a series of FREE classes to provide a much needed platform for youngsters to learn and gain an interest in Bhangra!

During our time teaching and performing, we've noticed a lack of interest amongst the youth. We've also felt that there isn't much of a platform for the youngsters to perform and learn Bhangra before University. 

So, in an aim to bridge this gap, we are launching the Summer Youth Bhangra Outreach Project by introducing the students into 4 Folk Dance forms, Luddi, Jhoomer, Bhangra and Dhamaal. There will be 4 classes, one themed to each of these dances.

Upon completion of this project, students will be given  a free  booklet detailing the steps covered in each class, and they will also receive a free Bhangra Dance London (BDL) T-shirt and a Certificate.

For this project to be successful, we need your help!!   We are asking for donations to cover the costs of a professionally mirrored dance studio, booklet and certificate printing costs.

We would love for you to be part of this journey.  Let's together invest in our future generation in an aim to keep them fit, healthy, whilst embracing their culture.

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