Summer Volunteer Project to Fiji

Summer Volunteer Project to Fiji

I will be supporting and inspiring children living in the poorest, rural areas of Fiji in connection with Think Pacific.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

An Inspiring Summer in Fiji

In connection with Think Pacific, I will supporting and inspiring children living in the poorest, rural areas of Fiji for 4 weeks. I have funded my own flights and accommodation, but I need to raise £600 for the Think Pacific Foundation (An award winning UK non for profit and Registered Fijian Charity). They are also in direct partnership with The Fijian Ministry of Education, The Fijian Ministry of Youth and Sport and The Fiji National Sports Commission.

Project Overview

The project consists of assisting local teachers within rural primary and secondary schools, organising one to one tuition, leading kindergarten classes, pioneering extra-curricular activities and youth clubs. Also implementing grass roots sports development initiatives, which include daily PE classes and sports outreach workshops. 

Many schools in Fiji are understaffed and don’t have many of the basic materials required for their education. The poverty that some of these children are facing causes them to drop out of school early, limiting their future and opportunities. If I can make just a small impact on their lives, it will definitely be a trip worthwhile.

100% of this funding is used to support development aims for children in Fiji, including the purchase of educational resources and sports equipment for rural schools, funding large scale building projects including creating school classrooms, installing fresh water, improved sanitation for schools and funding youth outreach schemes, rural kindergarten school, health awareness initiatives and sports development.

This project will be tough, challenging but definitely rewarding!