Summer Street - The Aussie Soap-Opera Musical!

by Andrew Norris in London, England, United Kingdom

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Taking the world premiere of 'Summer Street - The Hilarious, Aussie Soap-Opera Musical!' to Brighton Fringe 2019 and beyond!

by Andrew Norris in London, England, United Kingdom

The Story So Far........

Andrew Norris, composer, show off, writer and producer of Summer Street - The Aussie Soap-Opera Musical! is the love the child of Victoria Wood and Lee Evans (although he'd prefer David Beckham but you can't have everything can you?) He spent most of his childhood in his bedroom bashing his Bontempi which has led to irrepairable psychological damage. However, his mis-spent youth blossomed into a borderline obsession with Musical Theatre and also The Eurovision Song Contest; he can often be heard proudly quoting obscure lyrics from long forgotten Europop to dazzle and amaze his friends....friend. He spends his days drinking coffee, watching Paranormal Witness on the Really Channel and thinking up catchy tunes which get stuck inside people's heads.

Summer Street - The Aussie Soap-Opera Musical! tells the story of four Aussie Soap has-beens from the 90's and follows their demise and unexpected rise to second stardom....but at what price? (That's what's known in the biz as a cliffhanger and you'll have to see the show to finds out what it means...clever eh?!) The show has received various workshops and read through's so far which culminated in a sell out concert version of the show at The Old Red Lion in 2016 (it only seats 60 people so it wasn't hard) where the show received a rave review from Julian Eaves at British who said:

"[Summer Street is] Wonderfully melodic, strongly rhythmic and engagingly structured, the musical numbers in this score are its greatest glory." (Andrew was quite chuffed with that.) Read the full review here


Julie Clare, Myke Cotton, Simon Snashall and Sarah-Louise Young bash out the tunes in the concert!

The show was also attended by Strictly Come Dancing's very own Craig Revel-Horwood who held up a top score of 10!

Craig Revel-Horwood with Sarah-Louise Young and Pogo (The Summer Street dog!)

Craig Revel-Horwood with cast member Sarah-Louise Young with Pogo, the Summer Street dog!

Andrew is very aware that he's not getting any younger and it's about time he hit the big time so he's decided it's high time to 'get this show on the road', literally, and mount the first ever, full production of this hilarious show. What better place for the inaugural performance but Brighton Fringe with it's thriving artistic community and large LGBT+ scene;  a perfect place to give Summer Street it's UK and World Premiere (sounds dead posh doesn't it?!) 

This crowdfunding campaign will pay for all our up front costs and our costs down in Brighton. These include Set, Costumes, Props, Actors, Director, Choreographer, Musical Director, Accommodation, Marketing, Publicity, PR and Transport.....there's nothing like the biz we call show but it is a very costly affair which is where, dear people you come in. 

There are some amazing, money-can't-buy rewards on offer including your very own signed copy of the vocal score, drinks with Andrew, a signed photo of Pogo (the Summer Street dog), your name mentioned in the show and invitations to exclusive previews. Join us on this wonderful journey and make this show a reality for Andrew so he can make his Mum proud...... happy pledging lovely people!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Original Signed Vocal Score

You will receive an exclusive Summer Street Vocal Score with all the songs from the show signed by Andrew the composer. You can amaze and wow your friends for hours singing all the songs from the show!

£5 or more

Andrew's undying love!

You will receive Andrew's undying love and gratitude for helping Summer Street make it to the Brighton Fringe....although I'm not sure how I'll fit it in an envelope.....

£10 or more

Rare Signed Photo Of Pogo (the Summer Street dog!)

You will receive an exclusive, signed photo of Pogo the Summer Street dog. Woof! Pogo is fast becoming the pin up of Summer Street so get it before he can charge millions!

£15 or more

Exclusive Signed Poster

You will receive your very own poster signed by our cast, including Pogo the Summer Street dog! You lucky people!

£20 or more

Exclusive Signed Programme

You will receive an exclusive programme signed by the cast including Pogo the Summer Street dog! You'll die happy!

£25 or more

A Huge Thank-you In Our Programme

A chance to show off your pledge in our programme where we will print a HUGE thankyou to you! People will know that you made this show happen!

£30 or more

Photo With The Cast

You will get the chance to have your photo taken with the cast (on the set if possible). Amazing!

£75 or more

Exclusive Signed Script

You will receive an exclusive Summer Street script signed by Andrew and the rest of cast (including Pogo the Summer Street dog!) Just think, you'll be able to perform extracts from the show with all your friends!

£100 or more

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Exclusive Access To A Rehearsal Of Summer Street.

This is an amazing money can't buy opportunity to see the mysterious rehearsal process in action. Chat to our stars about how they bring their characters to life! You can even get a cheeky autograph!

£125 or more

0 of 30 claimed

Your Name Mentioned In The Show

An amazing opportunity to have your name immortalised in the show! Your name will be mentioned by one of our characters at a performance you attend. What a claim to fame!

£150 or more

1 of 10 claimed

A Quarter Page Advertisement In Our Programme

A quarter page advertising space in our programme to advertise your business (subject to approval). You'll even get a copy signed by the cast including Pogo the Summer Street Dog!! We will be performing to over 1000 people over the course of the run.....over 1000 potential clients!

£250 or more

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Best Seats In The House And A Drink With Composer

You will receive 2 best-seat tickets to a performance of your choice and a drink with Andrew the composer after the show. The words 'hot' and 'cakes' spring to mind!

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