Help Temitayo stand up to discrim. in tech - fired

by Temitayo in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom


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Raise funds for legal representation

by Temitayo in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Thank you for visiting my Crowdfunder.

I am raising funds for legal fees to pursue claims of gender and racially-motivated harassment and discrimination and victimisation against my former employer, a London based digital marketing technology startup with an office in New York, at Employment Tribunal.

I stand by my right to make a protected act (1 and 2, below) and talk about discrimination l I have experienced, if I have good intentions.

If I am successful in raising funds, each party will have equal access to legal representation. This means it is more likely that there will be a fair and impartial evaluation of any evidence and the events that have transpired.

If I am unsuccessful in raising funds, I will represent myself. 

Who Am I?

I grew up in a quiet corner of the West Midlands and am a proud Old Edwardian. After studying in London, in 2016 I finished my MPhil research into the UK space industry as a Newton Scholar at the University of Cambridge, worked as a Research Analyst for an angel-syndicate that invests in distributed ledger technologies and then as a Strategic Account Manager for an insurance company. 

What happened?

I was pleased to start at the technology startup in London and looking forward to building a career and moving on to the next stage of life. I thought my employer shared my vision for a bright future. Instead, since March, I have been rebuilding my life and career and after being fired for my stress-induced response (2) to a toxic workplace, even after reporting a racist incident (1). The disciplinary and grievance proceedings were laden with gross procedural inadequacies. The perpetrator of the first incident I reported kept his job, placed on a final warning.

This is a drop in the ocean of the technology industry but perhaps if I do this, thirty years from now, my hypothetical children or the girl next door are more likely to have a better experience than I have. I envisage using my strengths, working with like-minded people, creating brilliant things, doing innovative work. A job that entails writing, creativity and risk analysis. I am drawing a line under the past by standing up for myself; this is just the beginning.

What Can I Do?

I went to King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls and as our Foundation's song goes, "forward when the knocks are hardest." Immensely grateful for the support of those family and friends that have rallied around me already, I am reaching beyond this circle and crowdfunding because I do not have the amount necessary for legal representation and cases like this is are what the law is for. I would be grateful for your support, by making a contribution or sharing the link to this Crowdfunder.  

I'm an independent person and tend to be stoic in my approach to things but I am opening up as I will be more effective with your support. I have been advised to raise 217 hours worth of fees.

If you have any questions please ask and I will answer them if doing so doesn't affect legal proceedings.

Every little counts enormously: reading this; sharing it; making any donation. 

Could you share the Crowdfunder link?

Thank you.

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