Suicide awareness
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Hi I am doing a dye or shave for charity for raising awareness of suicide prevention I will be growing and dying my hair blue on 8/6/2020

by O Muireagain Ciaran in Sunderland, England, United Kingdom

Crowdfunder is making it 100% free for community and charity crowdfunding projects during the coronavirus crisis. The Covid-19 epidemic could affect millions of people in the next few weeks.

These are unprecedented times but together, we are stronger, and the response is coming from communities across the country.

Volunteer groups are springing up to tackle the logistical problems faced in our communities – but they need urgent support. That's where we come in. I will be doing a dye or shave for charity on the 08/06/2020 to raise awareness on suicide prevention and all donations are welcome chosen charity will be nspa

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