Mother commits suicide - help her family to cope

by Art in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

Mother commits suicide - help her family to cope


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A mother of an autistic child committed suicide recently. Her parents and best friend are devastated. Help them rebuild their lives.

by Art in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

Money can never replace a life but it can make life a little easier for those who are devastated by the loss.

On this sad fatal night, 6 months ago, a distraught and broken 40 year old mother of two children (one is autistic) jumped from the top storey of a car park in Birmingham, to her death. 

The reason for this tragic event? I will explain it all here.

Her Story

She had been going through a painful divorce for many years and now there was no more hope for her. Depleted of funds, no longer wishing to be a financial burden on her parents, faced with the real prospect of losing her reason for living (her two beautiful children who meant the world to her) she could see no way out except to end her life. 

Her parents, brother and her best friend as well as everyone who knew her are all devastated by this tragic event. She will be missed and remembered by everyone who knew her. She was a wonderful human being who cared deeply about others. She adored her two wonderful sons and they were the centre of her life.

One of the reasons she ended her life was because she could not bear the thought of being separated from her two beautiful sons, yet that was where the legal case was headed through no fault of her own. 

The other reason was because the legal system favours those who have money and know how to use the system for their benefit. 

Her best friend was with her just a few hours before she died. Little did she know that this would be the last time she ever sees her.

She left her a note saying "I am sorry it had to end this way", shattering all the hopes and dreams they had built together.

They had great dreams and plans for the future; they promised to be there for each other as they journeyed through this cruel and often unfair world. Who could have guessed that their dreams would end so tragically?

The legal system had failed her and she had been depleted of her funds and could no longer afford to fund the legal battle. She had already spent over £100,000 funded mainly by her elderly parents who could no longer afford the solicitor fees. 

Her husband had plenty of money to fund the legal battle so in the end, like in many such cases, he won simply because he could hire the best lawyers and had unlimited funds but no conscience.

He had no remorse over her death because for him it was a victory. He gets to keep all the family assets and decides who has access to the children. 

It is such a tragic loss of life and I want to be able to make a difference to those who loved her. Please donate to this cause knowing every single penny donated will make a big difference to her loved ones.


No amount of money can ever replace a life, but it will help her loved ones to cope and to rebuild their lives. 

At the moment the husband is denying access to the elderly grandparents and to her best friend.  The children were very close to the grandparents and to her best friend. She also has two autistic children. Both are being denied access and the funds will be used to gain legal access to the children.

With your help, the children will be able to see the people they care about if the matter can be brought in front of a judge. At the moment, nobody can afford the money for such legal matters.

Her death seems to have been in vain if nobody takes any action.


Help me to collect the funds to make a difference to her heartbroken family and her best friend.  

The funds raised, regardless of whether the target is met or not, or exceeded, will be used as follows.

40% will be given to her grandparents 

40% will be given to her best friend who helped her through her hardest times.

20% will be used to create a charity to help ensure this never happens in future. The charity will support and take on the legal battle of deserving applicants who find themselves in similar circumstances. Never again will a lack of money or support be the reason for another unnecessary suicide.

Your support will make a huge difference to many peoples lives who you may never meet but who will be eternally grateful to you.


20% of the fund raise will go towards a new charity which I am going to set up together with her best friend. The charity will help those who are in similar circumstances. Her friend is also in the same situation right now. Solicitors charge huge fees, for acting and this is part of the problem. A solicitor receives an email and bills her £35. He forwards it to her and bills her another £35. He calls her to discuss the matter and for the 15 minute call, it's another £105. You can see how the solicitor bills mount up quickly.

The charity will take over the case of those who are being taken advantage of. We have lawyers who will work for us on a reduced fee and admin staff will be hired to reduce costs further by taking over the administrative part of the process. 

It is such a tragic waste of life when this happens and nobody is doing anything about it. The legal system has failed those who don't have the funds to present their case in the best light. Legal aid has been drastically cut and the legal aid solicitors are normally mediocre in their ability, so it is a major disadvantage for the person who is already disadvantaged.

The charity will change this situation. All contributors will be kept informed of the progress of setting up the charity. 

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