Chivita Super Coffee - Sugar Free Latte

Come take a step closer to giving our nation a healthier alternative to one of our favourite drinks - the Latte - with a twist of course!

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Chivita - what's chivita?

Chivita is a new brand bringing fortified beverages to the mass market. We are a small start-up based in the Northwest of England. We are a small but driven team of 3 guys who happen to love our coffee and believe in healthy living! We have already successfully launched our Latte Super Coffee and now we want to manufacture our next product to meet market demands.

Do you drink Coffee? Do you buy ready to drink coffee drinks? Well we are sure you would have seen some of these coffee drinks below and even bought some of them. With the amount of sugar in the drinks, its no wonder our daily diets quickly surpass our daily sugar allowance. At Chivita we have finally created a no added sugar latte that tastes amazing with sugar allowance to spare! 

Chivita Super Coffee - Sugar Free Latte

Our new 0% added sugar Super Coffee is made up from:

  • 100% Arabica coffee beans.
  • Huge 23g Protein that keeps you full for longer.
  • Mulit-Vitamins.
  • Anti-Oxidants.
  • Green Tea Extracts.
  • plus the added benefit of 0% added sugar!

Why 0% Sugar?

From our much loved NHS, most adults and children in the UK eat too much sugar. 

The kind of sugar we eat too much of is known as the collective term "free sugars". Free sugars are any sugars added to food or drinks, or found naturally in honey, syrups and unsweetened fruit juices. 

Many foods and drinks that contain added sugars can be high in energy (measured in either kilojoules/kJ or calories/kcal) and often have few other nutrients. Eating these foods too often can mean you eat more calories than you need, which can lead to weight gain, obesity and tooth decay.

Added sugars are found in foods such as sweets, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, and some fizzy drinks and juice drinks – these are the sugary foods we should cut down on. For example, a can of cola can have as much as 9 cubes of added sugar. 

Sugars also occur naturally in foods such as fresh fruit and milk, but we don't need to cut down on these types of sugars.


Who we are behind Chivita?


Hi I’m CK, I graduated with a Nutrition and biological sciences degree and from there went into the scientific industry for the next 8 years. With a passion for food and science, I love to create new products to help people around me better their nutritional needs.


Hi, I'm Phil! I graduated in Graphic Design 10 years ago and have been designing ever since. Creating the brand Chivita has me working long hours, drinking lots of coffee and having fun along the way!

Hi my name is Chi and my background has been Sales and Marketing, with a BSC Honours in Consumer Marketing. I have been in the fashion industry for 10 years plus, where health is of upmost importance to have a great image.


Why we need your help.

We are a small business and having the funds to go further is very tough.

Your kind pledges will enable us to create our 0% added sugr alternative and be made for the whole of the UK to enjoy.

The money raised will allow us to:

  • Create and develop our new cartons to house our lovely Latte
  • Manufacture the Latte itself from a UK based company (keeping it within our nation)
  • Market our products through existing and new channels to let more people be educated about us.

We have always believed that no matter how big a goal is, it's the little steps that make the difference towards it and this is no different. We need your help in taking these steps and we would love for you to be a part of this.

Thank you for your interest, thank you for your time and thank you for your help to put us on the road in making our nation a healthier one.

Chivita is now open for crowdfunding!Please help us realise our dream!