Well + Happy

How a budding chocolatier raised over £16,000 from the Crowd, and got noticed by retail giants NOTHS

Well Happy is a handmade, guilt-free chocolate company determined to bring happiness to healthy people through chocolate.

Chelsea Parsons' fledgling business creates artisanal, organic, raw chocolate bars, some as black as night, studded with rose petals; others snowy white with edible flowers; some drenched in silky caramel or layered with golden bananas. 

Well Happy provides stunning, clear-wrapped bars, jewel-like truffles and beautifully simple branding and through her successful project, orders for her sweet treats have been flooding in ever since.

One woman-band Chelsea launched her campaign with Crowdfunder because she wanted to supply more retailers, bring new flavours to market and deliver monthly chocolate bundles to fans across the country.

The Crowd was inspired by sweet pledges ranging from boxes of bespoke chocolate bars accompanied by a handwritten note of thanks, huge chocolate hampers for special charities, tasting experiences and the chance to design their own flavours of bars.

Full of antioxidants - which lower blood pressure, increase good cholesterol and keep skin and hair healthy - and free from refined sugar, dairy and soy, Well  Happy chocolate caught the imagination of 177 backers.

And in just 28 days, they smashed Chelsea's £15,000 target and raised £16,170 to grow her business, which is focused on using raw cacao, rich in theobromine, which kick-starts the brain's feel-good receptors, and serotonin, the happiness chemical which fends off stress.

That growth was propelled by Crowdfunder's campaign with notonthehighstreet, which launched Well Happy on their marketplace to connect the business with millions of customers looking for unique, quality products.

"It's been amazing for brand awareness," says Chelsea, who trained as a kinesiologist, studying movement in the human body, fusing energy and nutrition.

"Working with Crowdfunder and notonthehighstreet has been a really great experience, and I'm very happy."

Now Well  Happy, which supplies independent cafes, retailers and gyms across the UK, plans to deliver 1,000 bars to charities, children's hospitals and hospices.

Chelsea also wants to create a bigger and better online platform to sell her flavours, and find her first retail outlet, along with gaining organic status and upgrading her packaging.

"We want to reach more wholesalers and make sure that Well  Happy is a raw chocolate bar that is much more readily available across the UK and even globally too," she adds.

"We want to introduce a monthly chocolate club, for our online shoppers to enjoy goodies on a monthly basis and we want to grow our product range too."