Ruskin Park Paddling Pool

Ruskin Park paddling pool offers a great space for families to relax and kids to play. But due to council funding cuts, it was set for closure this year. 

A community group formed in conjunction with The Friends of Ruskin Park to try and raise funds to keep the pool open another year.  

The project owner, Chloe Gardner, told us: "Lambeth agreed to keep the water running so we needed to fundraise for a pool contractor to maintain the services and also the supplies needed to paint and clean the pool." 

By deciding to crowdfund, the local community were able to get involved and actively decide the fate of their pool themselves. 

What happened

The project owner told us: "We looked at other crowd funding sites but we were not guaranteed the pledges and we needed every penny that people were willing to pledge." 

So they took a look at Crowdfunder: "We looked at the various projects that had been successful and thought our project would be a good fit.  

"The ease of telling people about the project through the use of social media was a real draw as well as having one place to donate rather than multiple channels."

The campaign captured the hearts of local residents and they raised £7,175, far surpassing their initial £5,000 target. 

The funds were raised over 56 days from 218 backers and the extra £2,175 will go towards keeping the pool open for another year. 

The pledge rewards

They decided to keep the pledges super simple with just three options: £10, £20 and £50. 

Each rewarded the backer with an invitation to the start of the season pool party, meaning people could simple pledge the amount they could afford. 

In the press

The campaign featured prominently in the local press, helping to galvanise support from the local community. Brixton Buzz published an image heavy feature extolling the benefits of the pool along with a link to the Crowdfunder campaign. 

After raising the required funds, South London Press wrote an article on the success of the campaign.  

What's next?

The pool is all set to open next weekend, in time for the bank holiday and the start of half term. 

The pool party will be on Saturday 4 June. You can stay up to date with the progress on the Save Ruskin Paddling Pool Facebook page

Tips to project owners

The project owner told us: "Keep up the momentum with regular updates. 

"Publicise the project as much as you can using social media as well as good old fashioned posters."

Traditional publicity, such as posters, is often overlooked in our digital era, but if your campaign has strong local roots, it's well worth considering. It certainly worked in this case! 

• Take a look at Chloe's project page to find out more about the paddling pool