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Coastal community crowdfunds 24 tonnes of sand to reopen play park

Porthtowan playground reopened ahead of half term after raising £1,395 from the Crowd

When a playground in the beautiful Cornish village of Porthtowan opened in August 2013, it became an instant hit with the local children. 

However, sea winds from the Cornish coast had blown away much of the sand, making the surface dangerously compact and shallow. 

And as a result, a week before half term, the playground was forced to close for safety reasons.


Local residents came forward to lend a hand, with the Porthtowan surfboat club shovelling over eight tonnes of sand into the park, but the surface was not deep enough to guarantee the children's safety.    

With half term approaching, the community turned to Crowdfunder to raise the funds they need.

People came out to support the park, and within just three hours of launching, the campaign had hit its £500 target.

That momentum continued through the week and the team managed to raise an impressive £1,395 in seven days – 179% of their original target.

The playground re-opened in time for half term in May 2016, after volunteers from the local area pitched in to replace the sand. 

The successful crowdfund proved the importance of the park for the community, and now a more long-term surfacing is being planned in conjunction with local councillors.


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