Eden Project

The Eden Project has attracted over 18 million visitors and generated £1.7 billion for the regional economy since it opened 

The much loved attraction decided to expand their education offerings by building a learning village.

The centre would involve converting two farmhouse buildings and their surrounding outbuildings and from this they would create classrooms for horticulture and food production, as well as a new market garden. 

The total cost was set to be £3m. In order to raise the some of the required funds the eco-friendly attraction in St. Austell teamed up with our sister company, Crowdcube. 

They offered investors to buy mini-bonds to help grow one of the UK’s best revered education centres. 

This allowed the Eden Project to access finance from its own supporters as well as opening them up to a wider audience of registered investors and the general public via Crowdcube. 

David Harland, Executive Director at Eden Project said: “The Eden Project Bond had a very simple idea at its heart – investors loaned money to us, we agreed to pay them interest annually and will repay the initial investment when the Bond matures.

"To reach our maximum of £1.5 million in less than 24 hours was beyond our expectations," he added.

"We thank everyone who invested and are looking forward to bringing these exciting plans to reality. 

"We thank everyone for that faith in the future of the young people who will come here to learn new skills and Eden’s  capacity to deliver something special right here in the heart of Cornwall. 

"We also take our hats off to Crowdcube for the brilliant way they have enabled us to reach our goal in this - our first foray into crowdfunding."

In the first five hours after launching on Crowdcube the Eden Project raised £1m. 

Within 20 hours they’d reached their maximum target of £1.5m.This was thanks to 355 investors, who each bought bonds at a minimum value of £500. 

Successful mini-bond offers investors six per cent per year for four years and then money back.

Luke Lang, co-founder of Crowdcube, said: “The blistering speed Eden Project raised its £1.5 million target on Crowdcube – in just 20 hours – makes it the fastest mini-bond raise to date and is a huge vote of confidence from investors and Eden’s community.  

"Mini-bonds have emerged as a cost-effective and efficient way for well-established brands, like Eden, to raise growth capital and engage with their customers," he added.