Dorset Science & Technology Centre

We caught up with Chris Ryu to learn about his Crowdfunding experience

Q: Why did you decide to Crowdfund?

A: We decided to Crowdfund for 'Dorset Science & Technology Centre' as we needed to raise funds for our community project and crowdfunding seemed to be a good way to raise funds at the same time as building awareness.

Q: What does the funds raised mean for your project?

A:  Without the funds from our crowdfunding campaign we wouldn't have a centre - it's been essential!

Q:  How is crowdfunding different from how you normally finance or fundraise for projects?

A: It is definitely hard work getting the message out and needs a different approach as you need to approach a lot of people, but it's worked for us so far and so we'll be doing it again.

Q: What will you use the money for and what has happened since you hit your crowdfunding target?

A: Next week we will be opening our centre for the first time. The funding from Crowdfunder has enabled us to secure a premises, buy furniture, build exhibits and even get our first computers for our coding club.

Q:  What would be your top tips for others considering crowdfunding?

A: Don't give up! Don't question whether you're barking up the wrong tree, keep going as some people just take a bit longer to see your vision. Focus on driving a huge number of people to your pitch as it's harder than it looks.

Q: You received three pledges totalling £8,500 from Crowdfunder's funding partners - Dorset County Council, Santander Changemaker and Just Act. How did you find the grant application process via Crowdfunder? 

A:  The grant application process was quick and painless.