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Plymouth City Council funding comes to the aid of local heroes

Dartmoor Search and Rescue awarded an extra £1,255 of funding due to extraordinary community safety efforts

£2,505 raised from 50 backers in 38 days


The Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team are professionally trained to support the emergency services in search and rescue operations.

 The team responds to numerous call-outs during the year, not only on the moor, but also in semi-urban areas around towns and villages, and low-level countryside. 



As well as saving lives, DSRTP aims to educate people about the moor and encourage people to visit the amazing places sitting right on their doorstep.

To increase capability, the team found themselves in need of a new life saving piece of kit - a  portable heated blanket, called an 'active external warming device'.

The equipment helps swiftly heat up any casualty who has been lost, or injured. 

Its heating capability will help treat, and certainly prevent hypothermia, a constant deadly threat to anyone suffering exposure or shock.


The team is currently made up entirely of volunteers, relying on donations as a primary source of funding, meaning the resource for new equipment is limited.

So, they decided to turn to Crowdfunder.

Backers from all around the local area were inspired, and pledged in return for great rewards including the specially designed Dartmoor guide 'Moor to sea without a car.'

Within 38 days the project had raised their £2,500 target, with the help of extra funding from Plymouth City Council.

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Through a unique partnership with Crowdfunder, Plymouth City Council are looking to distribute it to community projects that help improve the city, and make it a great place to live, work and play. 

To date, £130,000 of funding from the council has been amplified by the Crowd to almost £900,000 raised for projects in the county.

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