Creative Workspace

A long-term community and arts engagement venture

Creative Workspace is creating rehearsal space for new and emerging theatre companies, musicians, dance classes and choirs,  

In April 2017, they successfully raised £6,066 from 65 supporters in 35 days – including a £3,000 matched grant from Arts Council England. Crowdfunder spoke to Gill Simmons to find out more:

Why did you decide to try crowdfunding?

This is a community venture and so it seemed entirely appropriate to begin it with an opportunity for the community to invest in it at the very beginning.

How is crowdfunding different from how you normally finance or fundraise for projects?

We usually either create projects that fit specific criteria funded by small local council grants or we respond to commissions that already have a budget secured. Crowdfunding in this way has given have the freedom to shape and develop our project in ways we never could before, because the crowdfunding has secured our core costs giving us relative long-term financial stability for the first time. We can respond to needs and ideas organically from the local community and the professional creatives who will also use the space about what they want to see happening in Creative Workspace.

What will you use the money for and what has happened since you hit your crowdfunding target?

The crowdfunding will be used partly for core costs of running Creative Workspace and partly to fund some creative participatory creative events for the local community.

What would be your top tips for others considering crowdfunding for arts project?

Definitely do it! Also the tips that you're emailed every day from Crowdfunder about how to keep momentum going with your campaign are really useful. The fact that you can gain additional support from ACE or Heritage Lottery gives your project a validity and status is a real bonus. It was really simple to apply for the match-funding via Crowdfunder. I'm so glad I did it!

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