The grantmaker: Creative England

Creative England is a not-for-profit organisation which funds talented people and organisations in the creative industries.

The organisation invests in the game, TV, film and digital media industries to grow talent and businesses, raise ambition and build the right climate for creative industries to thrive. 

Creative England needed new and innovative methods to reach fresh industry talent and invest in the right projects showcasing drive, commitment and ambition alongside public support and validation. 

Crowdfunder has delivered three campaigns for Creative England to find and fund talent in England and support businesses and individuals on their creative journeys. 

For each campaign, Crowdfunder designed and built a dedicated web page and a digital toolkit to engage and inspire creative talent to crowdfund, enabling them to unlock further investment from Creative England. 

Crowdfunder produced and delivered a marketing plan to attract projects and provided expert crowdfunding guidance and coaching to help project owners reach their funding targets, unlocking the extra money from Creative England. 

Through crowdfunding, Creative England continues to connect with undiscovered talent, raise awareness of England's creative businesses at the same time as amplifying their investments with the power of the crowd. 


To date, the partnership has jointly run three creative campaigns, Queen of Code, to support female game developers and two iShorts campaigns to support film talent in the country with the aim of amplifying grant funding with funds raised from the crowd. 

Each campaign unlocked extra funding from Creative England with £15,000 for female game developers to access through crowdfunding and a total of £180,000 for film-makers though two years of iShorts. 

Queen of Code 

Queen of Code inspired 14 projects to raise over £40,000 through crowdfunding with the top five projects each taking home additional pledges of £3,000 each thanks to the Crowdfunder and Creative England partnership. 

Caroline Norbury, CEO, Creative England commented, "At Creative England we are always looking for unique methods to provide much needed funding, and our first foray into crowdfunding, Queen of Code, proved to be an accessible and innovative method of unlocking finance for these dedicated games makers."

Samantha Liebenberg who took part in the Queen of Code campaign said: "Taking part in Queen of Code was a real game changer for us at Slie Labs. Not only did the Crowdfunder campaign give us the opportunity to raise funds and awareness, the additional match funding gives us the ability to expand and grow as a company.

"Crowdfunding partnered with fund distribution as a fundraising model really works. It gives us two forms of validation for our idea. The crowd came together to show they wanted our product and were prepared to pledge to make it happen whilst the match funding means we've ticked all the boxes for expanding our business -- with support and validation from a renowned industry leader, Creative England."


Creative England has provided £180,000 in extra funding for innovative and inspirational film projects through two years of iShorts with Crowdfunder.

Thanks to the power of the crowd, these funds were amplified to £270,000 with a total of 35 crowdfunding projects taking part in the campaigns. 

The first round of iShorts enabled 19 of England's hottest new producer/director teams to raise £40,000 through crowdfunding, enabling them to to unlock the first £100,000 of extra funding from Creative England. 

Jessica Loveland of Creative England, commented on the first year of iShorts with Crowdfunder: "We were thrilled that the iShorts Crowdfunder campaign helped to leverage an additional 40% from Creative England's initial investment in this group of 19 talented filmmakers. 

"The exercise helped the filmmakers to not only crowdfund in a supported environment and with the experience of the Crowdfunder team at their disposal, but also provided them with a platform to build early engagement with audiences and expand their professional networks of investors and potential supporters. 

"Crowdfunder provided a great home to showcase and build the profile of these exciting filmmakers, and raise awareness for the iShorts scheme and the brilliant British talent that Creative England is working with."

Following the initial success, a further 16 filmmakers crowdfunded to unlock the second tranche of £80,000 in extra funding by crowdfunding over £55,000.

With Crowdfunder coaching and support, over half of all the projects taking part in the Crowdfunder and Creative England partnership campaigns successfully exceeded their crowdfunding targets. 

All of the project owners involved were given bespoke media training enabling international, national, regional and trade media coverage of their crowdfunding projects and ideas. 

Caroline Norbury from Creative England added "Crowdfunding has not only enabled us to transform the lives of over 35 individual project owners over the three campaigns we've worked on, it's enabled us to amplify our investment. 

"Our aim and ethos is to support the creative industry, and together with Crowdfunder we've exceeded our ambitions to provide not only funding for England's hottest talent, but also to strengthen the skills these teams have with extra education in enterprise, marketing and ambassador engagement." 

Together, Crowdfunder and Creative England have transformed the opportunities for over 35 of England's most innovative and bright creative talent teams. 

The three campaigns have amplified £195,000 of extra funds into over £300,000 to projects through the power of the crowd, shaping and building careers within the creative sector.