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CAMYOGA stretches target to secure almost £100,000 funding

Almost 300 backers join Louise's bid for Cambridge's first vegan café-cum-specialist yoga studio 

Louise Palmer-Masterton took her first yoga class at the age of 11. Forty years on, she had an epiphany.

She would launch her own vegan café, alongside a sparkling new CAMYOGA space in the heart of Cambridge.

Stem Glory would serve delicious vegan food, alongside 100 classes each week to help even more yoga fans find a retreat offering flexibility and inner calm.


“This idea has been bubbling away for 20 years,” said Louise.

“Fitting out a yoga studio is one thing, but fitting out a café…it’s really expensive.

“We had various options when it came to financing it, but we thought we’d test out Crowdfunder - and look how it paid off.”

A series of too-good-to-refuse rewards inspired a committed crowd, who smashed Louise’s initial £35,000 target in just one week.

It was CAMYOGA’s approach to rewards which fuelled the project’s success, says Louise.

“We simply offered really good packages,” she adds.

“It was a case of coming up with offers that people couldn’t say no to - £800 off a teaching course, amazing membership packages.

“We’re not sandal-wearing hippies. We’re smart, we’re professional and we have a vision.”


Thanks to Crowdfunder, she and her team are determined to make the studio and Stem Glory the place to meet, whether diners are committed vegans or simply devotees of healthy eating.

And at the end of every day, any remaining food will be donated to those in need.

"Veganism is a big component of yoga," says Louise. 

"Because the principles are similar. It's clean and healthy, it's all common sense. 

"If you take the essence of kindness and doing no harm it's obvious.

"With this project, we can care for the environment and each other."

She says without Crowdfunder, Stem Glory's extraordinary journey would have been very different.

"Crowdfunder has been absolutely fantastic," says Louise, who says she was "humbled and grateful" for the backing the project received through the site.

"It gives you a phenomenal launch pad and the support you get, well it's a huge marketing tool."


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