Bere Regis Cricket Club

We talk to Andy Kent to get his view on his Crowdfunding experience.

Q: Why did you decide to Crowdfund?

A: We decided to crowdfund 'Bere Regis Cricket Club' as a different way of raising funds. We needed a certain amount to 'match fund' a grant that we had from ECB and decided to appeal to the local community for help.

Q: What does the funds raised mean for your project?

A:  We now have roll-on covers for our cricket square, meaning that we have a greater chance of playing matches, even when we've had rain in the days leading up to a match. More matches means more income for our club.

Q:  How is crowdfunding different from how you normally finance or fundraise for projects?

A: We normally apply for grants or hold a series of fund-raising events within our own club. Race Nights, raffles, etc.

Q:  What would be your top tips for others considering crowdfunding?

A: Advertise your appeal on social media as much as possible and get everyone to share it. Don't forget to talk to people about it as well though!

Q: You received a £600 pledge from Crowdfunder's funding partner Dorset County Council. How did you find the grant application process via Crowdfunder? 

A:  Most of it was very easy. The only difficult part was getting the crowdfunder wallet set up to enable us to receive the funding from DCC. Some of what was required was difficult to get and then upload and in the end it took several 'phone calls and the help of the technical guys at crowdfunder.