Adventure Ashram

Thirty boys came to live together because they were rescued and protected by Odanadi Seva Trust.

The Trust is an Indian registered charity united against human trafficking. Together with the charity Adventure Ashram, they want to transform the boy's current house into a real home. 

Fritha Vincent, the Project Manager and Fundraiser for Adventure Ashram told us: "The project was to help a group of boys, rescued from situations of human trafficking, turn the house they live in into a home." 

She added: "This campaign was inspired by a desire to gather together all the global supporters to raise £15,000 to help fund an important project at Odanadi Seva Trust."

The big idea

Raise funds to transform the boy's house into a home. 

What happened

Fritha Vincent is a serial crowdfunder, but this is the first time Adventure Ashram has been involved in a crowdfunding campaign. 

She told us: "As the UK charity with the global group it made sense for it to take the lead on the set up of the campaign and its administration." 

So why did they decide to use Crowdfunder? 

Fritha explained: "We all knew that running a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder was the best option. Mainly because crowdfunder offer a wide variety of ways to capture payments from people using any currency. 

"Also we knew that Crowdfunder is set up to primarily help caused based projects and we knew they would offer us great support." 

Fritha explained how gaining traction in the global community would help in the long-term: "By inspiring support from the global community that love this charity and their networks we knew we could raise money now to fund the developments the boys dreamed of and then, in the future, ask for further support to cover the annual running costs. 

"With the backers details we have now, we have the potential to fundraise in the future and keep the boys' story alive through our committed crowd."

While Fritha is a crowdfunding veteran, this was the first time she used Crowdfunder for a charity campaign. 

She told us about her experience: "It worked really well. I like the functionality of the site over an online fundraising site because the story is always centre stage. 

"The story inspires support, as well as the people behind the campaign, in our case our Pillars. People give to people, always." 

They set a target of £15,000 which would give them the funds to transform the house and start work on creating a boundary wall (as others were starting to encroach on their land). 

In the end they raised £22,464 from 140 backers in 28 days. 

However, an anonymous match funder doubled the pot when they hit their stretch target of £20,000. This means the final fund totalled £44,464!  

The pledge rewards

Pledges ranged from £5 to £10,000 and the rewards reflected the nature of the project perfectly. 

For £5 backers would receive 4 e-newsletters over the course of a year updating them on the progress of the transformation. 

The £250 reward featured an addition e-Christmas cards and 8 downloadable images with the charity logo, and pledges over £1,000 all featured a name or company engraved on a plaque on the outside of the the home. 

What's next?

Fritha told us currency conversion is on everyone's mind at the moment: "The next thing is for us to try and secure the best currency exchange rate we can so that the boys get the maximum amount of rupees for the money raised in pounds. 

"That is a huge challenge right now because we want the money out there as soon as possible."

Tips to project owners

Given Fritha's successful track history with crowdfunding we were desperate to get her tips! 

She shared these two gems with us:

1. Get yourself an Executive Crowdfunder coach: "Somebody that has done it before and can lead you through the process. Planning is everything."

2. Find a match funder: "If you can, find somebody to match your campaign £ for £. Raise what you need to, add on a stretch target and announce that if you meet that stretch target the whole total will be matched and just watch the crowd respond."

"I have never seen anything like it. Stunning support from incredible people. It reminded me that anything is possible."

• Take a look at Fritha and Tom's project page to find out more about Adventure Ashram