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Just Act funding spreads Christmas cheer in Wednesfield

Town of Wednesfield awarded £1,000 extra funding to bulk up Christmas lights.

£5,625 raised from 37 backers in 45 days.

For the last few years Wednesfield's Christmas lights have been dwindling, as government cuts to Wolverhampton City Council's budgets have taken hold.

The council's first priority is to provide essential services, such as housing, education, and health, meaning budgets for things like Christmas lights have been massively reduced.

Not wanting to disappoint the thousands of people who attend the annual switch on, the community decided to take action.


Hands On Wednesfield, a community group made up of volunteers, turned to Crowdfunder to raise their own funding, without having to rely on the local government.

Backers from all over the town were inspired to spread Christmas cheer, and pledged in return for great rewards ranging from Thank Yous in the Christmas brochure, to VIP invitations to the light's switch on.

Within 45 days the project had raised much more than the original £4,000 target, as well as extra funding from the Just Act Community Fund.

Just Act Community Fund

Through a unique partnership with Crowdfunder Just Act ring-fenced £50,000 of funding, looking to distribute it to community projects across England and Wales that are working to make a difference in their local area.

Light Up Wednesfield was one of the first projects to benefit from the partnership, receiving an extra £1,000 for their funding pot.

With the excess funding Hands On Wednesfield will add a living Christmas tree as a permanent addition to the town, to be decorated for years to come.

Applications for the Just Act Community Fund are still open. 

The fund will support community projects doing great work in their local area. 


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Just Act Community Fund

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