I am raising funds to build a state of the art website that will facilitate and support my business and for some SEO work

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi there, I am looking for funding to start a company that specialises in run from home businesses for sale.

The website will work two fold it is a advertising platform for business sellers to sell there own business, the 2 platform is for my company to advertise and to do the business sales for our clients.

It will be fully automated and also have company's payed advertising as another income stream.

at present there are over 9million businesses run from home in the U.K. And there is no dedicated businesses sales website for this sector, one website that advertises general business has over 1900 business advertising on there website, most people don't know where to go and when they type in on google run from home businesses for sale they get all sorts of company that do not know how to present there business.

If 500 people pay for advertising per month on the website without any business sales then this will generate £50,000 per month revenue and the cost are SEO and support and 4 admin staff. This equation would net circa £30,000 net profit, other websites that generalise in business sales have over 60,000 payed adverts on them and I'm basing these figures on less than 10% of this without business sales!!! Dig deep as there is some good money in this, I've been doing this for another company for over 12 years so I know what I'm talking about.

many thanks for looking and hope you dig deep

kind regards