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by Fleeped Social Network in London, England, United Kingdom

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I'm trying to raise funds mainly to promote my social site to help public socialize in safe environment.

by Fleeped Social Network in London, England, United Kingdom

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my FundRaiser. I will explain in details some of the website functions, why is it different and why is it so popular with our members.

Recently I decided to launch my own social media website to rival bigger social sites. This is mainly due to all the troubles and negativity surrounding other social sites at present and many users leaving the platform to find alternatives.

Unlike bigger social sites I have axtually done extensive research and also asked friends and family what they would like to see from social website. Based on feedback I got I decided to create my social website. I give you end product which is

It's actually a massive hit with everyone who signs up and everyone loves it.

Here are some of the things I added and what makes Fleeped so different to other Social Sites.

First of all I recomend you sign up to Fleeped and take few minutes to look around so you can see UI ( User Interface) your self and how much easy it is to use full of vibrant colours and layout vs other social sites.

Here is example of profile layout between other 

Biggest sites vs Fleeped

Here is FB profile Layout


Massive difference between the 2 sites, Fleeped is much neater full of vibrant colours and layout. Much nicer to look at and much more tidy then other social site.

If you like the website and what I'm trying to do please share this if you can't provide financial support. Everything is appreciated please read full list of functions below.

Fleeped Has All This Great Functions.

1. Fully family friendly - it is impossible to post any adult content even if you try to post image of topless woman website will not let you. Which is great for our younger audience. How many times have you signed in to other social sites and have see pornographic material posted there ? Now imagine how many younger kids get exposed to this type of posts on this types of social sites. That's why at Fleeped I added security function which makes it impossible for anyone to post any adult material content.

2. Send free cool gifts - this is 1 of our popular functions you can send free gifts to friends or family or even work colleagues, anything from Birthday Wishes to Valentine Present, Fun Gifts, Emoji Gifts and much more here are examples of the gifts...

3. New Amazing and Cute Reactions - while other social sites have 2 to 5 reactions we have added 12  Here are Reactions I added -

let's face it trying to express your self with 5 reactions added by other social sites is not much of a choice! This is why I added 12 of them so you can react to anything now with varietie of choices.

4. Create Pages and Groups - that's not all if you running a business let's say you make page for Builders. You can then post jobs within that page or group if you looking for builders or other skilled workers. You can add application form and select questions you want people to answer all your self, so people who are looking for work can apply. Each member who applies for the job will have to fill out the form you added and you will get notification about any new candidate who have applied for the job you posted.

5. Post messages with images as background.

6. Sell unwanted items in marketplace

7. Fully customize your profile - even change whole background of your profile page and replace it with image

8. Find members near by - great if you are new to area and looking for new friends or people to talk to.

9. What other members have in common with you - Easy to use option so you can check what you have common with other members or vice versa

10. Create events for anything or everything. 

11. Save posts - many times I have been reading post and I had to go do something and come back and site just refreshed and post vanished necer to be found again. Now you can save posts to make sure you have full access to it at all times.

12. Invite your friends easy - either from FB or email providers or your contact list.

13. Explore and search - users, pages, groups, games and more...

14. Create GoFundMe Campaigns - to raise emergency fund for anything.

15. Browse Jobs from all over the world - filter this searches based on industry or location or ed ven other filter to find perfect job for you.

16. Play Games

17. View Popular posts - check out what's trending on the site

18. Browse blogs ( or create blogs only trusted members have access to creating blogs )

19. Quick Message and Status Options - Upload images from camera or gallery, create polls, upload videos you just finished recording or from gallery, record voice, post your feelings, post where are you travelling, upload files, upload audio and much much more...

Here is example of the box.

And here is the box once you open it 

20. Language Selection - Option so you can set website to your own native language.

21. FAQ page - so you know how to do things on Fleeped it has Videos and images so you can understand better how to use website easy.

22. Not full of advertising like other social sites

I am currently working on following functions.

1. Badges system so members can get rewarded for certain things. For example member who helps other members all the time will get helpers badge. Which will be displayed on their profile. I'm sure you get the idea.

2. Anti bullying security add on ( this is already released and in test phase ) Unlike other websites this is a huge issue no other social sites failed to do something about and online bullying is something that will not be tolerated on Fleeped. I don't wish to discuss this security in details because this idea might get stolen from me. But test phase I have conducted well let's just say looking promising so far.

3. Get paid for socializing which then credits your account and this can be used to promote your page or group so you don't need to spend your own real cash.

Also unlike FB I have made public post asking members to provide suggestions and what they want to see from Fleeped to make their socializing even better on Fleeped, all good ideas get implimented.

Also it is very easy to reach me or 1 of my staff members if you have or need any help. Facebook does not even have contact us section. Also have you ever tried contacting any other social platforms CEO ? Chances are your messages and you will get ignored and no one ever will respond to you. At Fleeped you can add me as a friend or 1 of the moderators and message me or them 99% of the time I personally respond to all messages. I'm not stuck up and really easy to talk to.

So this what makes Fleeped different and better in some cases then other social websites.

Everything you can do on other social sites you can do on Fleeped but more safer and family friendly environment.

I'm currently advertising on google and quora website but it's slow process. I'm hoping some sort of news exposure might help me reach wider public. As this is UK's first Social Networking Website. I want world to know we can do things just as good as others.

Thank you for Reading this and I hope you can help with either sharing this campaign or donating what ever you can.

I need your help to help you.

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