Styx's Fang removal funds

Styx's Fang removal funds

Styx's K9 is smashed in half with an exposed nerve. Toothfairy comes a knocking but she charges more than the pennies in our pockets

We did it!

On 27th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £260 of £260 target with 13 supporters in 28 days

so if anyone knows Styx, his strange/crazy/obsessive/anxious/raging ways won't need talking about, but this may explain a few things...

Styx came into my life from the dales up in Yorkshire, his mother abandond him(not out of choice) so he spent the first 6weeks of his life as the runt of the litter with no mom in a barn getting mauled by his pup siblings and I me with his dad. Not much food or care from anybody else either  

anyways, this part is kinda relevant as later in time he developed extreme aggression. Like random bouts of aggression, no 'dog whisperer' or person who knows dogs better than themselves  can figure him out

in short, Styx has extreme anxiety, ADD, OCD and hyper intelligence. He is a mash up of border collie, Australian kelpie wild dingo. He is 100% beautiful. A beautiful demon. It's been 'difficult' for lack of better words to help him live his life, he has bitten me 10000times, I don't blame him, I'd do the same. I know if he was hanging out with another human, well he wouldn't be alive today...people don't seem to tolerate Understandable dog bites. 

Basically the cause of much anxiety aggression is due to the amount of pain he suffered with his messed up tooth. We're booked in get it pulled out in one month but it comes at a price. Please help ease this sweethearts pain? I'm selling everything I own but all I got is junk and crud, still he's worth every crumb

hes having his big old fang removed, we got a 20%doscount at the vet but it's still a huge price. He smashed it last summer so it's pretty rotten and in desperate need of pulling out! 

Thanxx madly for your help

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