Stuff-ed Learning Resources Library

Stuff-ed Learning Resources Library

A learning resources library to inspire educational enthusiasm, support individual interests and encourage a diverse learning experience.

We did it!

On 13th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £105 with 0 supporters in 42 days

I believe every child should have access to educational equipment to use at home: to inspire educational enthusiasm, support individual interests and encourage a diverse learning experience. But very often families cannot afford to purchase equipment to fulfill the educational needs of their children - I know, because we are one of those families. My children are so hungry for experiential learning, and I wanted to provide them with that, so I looked for a local learning resources library in order to borrow things like microscopes, anatomical models and other interesting things, but I couldn't find one. I have since found other families that wish that such a resource was available, so I decided to set one up! 

The amount I am trying to raise is a start-up fund so I can get Stuff-ed off the ground, open for business and helping families with children of school age (5-16 years). The money you kindly donate will help purchase equipment like rock specimen collections, electronics kits, weather monitors, weaving looms, microscopes and telescopes. It will also help with start-up costs such as insurance and storage boxes. Most importantly, the money raised here will help children learn new and exciting skills, expand their knowledge base and provide an exciting and diverse educational experience - for children that perhaps wouldn't usually be able to access such equipment without a library of this kind. 

You can also help in other ways. We are accepting donations of secondhand educational equipment (in good working order) and we also have an Amazon wishlist from which you can purchase items and donate to the library. Donations of resources will be credited to those who donated it, both on the website and with the equipment iteslf e.g "This microscope was kindly donated by Mrs A Smith". If you would like to donate money via this page please do, and the names of those who pledge £50 or over will be added to our website page of kind supporters of the library (you can choose to be anonymous). 

I would be so grateful of any help you could give us, so that families can borrow, be inspired, and learn.

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