STUDIO 27°: a platform for marginalised creatives

by Veronica A. Afriyie in London, England, United Kingdom


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Support talented yet under-represented creatives in the industry by building a self-service platform and beat racial & gender inequality!

by Veronica A. Afriyie in London, England, United Kingdom


According to the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport statistics, In 2016, 63 percent of job roles were filled by men and 37 percent by women. 

  • There is still racial and gender inequality within the creative industries across various disciplines. 
  • Artists who are still severely under-represented are having a hard time finding their way into the industry due to oppressive systems, lack of support and lack of resources.

The creative industries have been making efforts towards diversity, inclusion and accessibility, but there is unfortunately still lots more work to do. The pandemic has caused an uncertain future for many freelancers especially those from marginalised and unprivileged backgrounds. 

Factors that play a huge role are:

  • ethnicity
  • gender
  • disability
  • skill level. 


It is pivotal that we all re-evaluate and rebuild structures that can evolve the position of these creatives in the industry in a sustained way. Having a creative economy that is truly inclusive will enable us all to thrive, maximise opportunities and create social change.  


My mission is to connect and empower (emerging) creators through this platform where they can

  • seek peer-to-peer support
  • find and provide valuable information regardless of their geographic location 
  • work towards an equitable creative industry with all parties involved.

Benefits for creatives are:

  • upskilling opportunities
  • creative online hub
  • peer-to-peer support
  • tools & resources regarding inclusion, diversity, intersectionality & more
  • knowledge exchange
  • building new (cross-continental) relationships
  • joining forces with fellow creatives to combat gender & racial inequality
  • a solid payment & review system to avoid unpaid invoices 


This service will offer a solution on both sides, business to consumer and vice versa. Beneficiaries will be able to start working towards a creative industry that is intersectional by having access to:

  • information and other resources for intersectionality
  • new tools & creative ways for business re-evaluation in regards to diversity, inclusion and intersectionality
  • a pipeline of international talents to support their campaigns and to collaborate with
  • workshops, training & more
  • authentic projects


STUDIO 27° is a network that consists of creatives who suffer under the strings of patriarchal influence and systems from all fields within the creative industry. Additionally, 27° is an online self-service platform that allows beneficiaries to search & browse through a pipeline of talented yet under-represented* creatives across the globe in a few seconds.

* under-represented people include trans masculine people who are assigned female at birth, cis women, trans women & femme presenting non-binary people who are assigned male at birth.

Creatives will have a way to shamelessly promote themselves, find peer-to-peer support, collaborate and connect with others and have new ways to enhance themselves in a post-covid world. We need each other more than ever to work towards a more equitable industry that actively includes artists from under-represented and minority backgrounds.



We can all agree that there is an abundance of talent in the world, and yet we see that there is an imbalance in representation and opportunities across various disciplines within the creative industries. 

The creative sector has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have to find creative ways to support independent & marginalised creatives and how they can monetise their creative skills during a time like this.

1601765928_screenshot_2020-10-03_at_23.58.34.png(credit to KarmaKlubb*, from left to right - Golden Jar Nights, Konsept X & Veronica)


STUDIO 27° is all about building a global peer-to-peer community to enhance positive change, increase social awareness and create opportunities where both innovators and beneficiaries can actively educate themselves and solidify their stance within a more diverse, intersectional and inclusive society.


Expanding our global community of under-represented artists & innovators will enable us to look out for each other, stimulate self-improvement by having meaningful discussions, and re-evaluate how we can individually create positive change and fight racial & gender inequality in an industry that is still heavily male-dominated. 

We need your support to amplify our voices and spread awareness on creating new systems, tools and new resources in a post-COVID world.


(Illustrations made by Diana Mora)
COVID CARE CARDS  - Diana and Veronica did an artist collaborative project for people facing hardships during the pandemic and to provide some financial support Belly Mujinga fundraiser.

GOLDEN JAR NIGHTS x LEYLA REYNOLDS - Eva, Sofia and Leyla did an artist collaborative project for Golden Jar nights in Bergen, Norway. The project was for Golden Jar's sharing session -  a forum for people to bring new / unreleased music to share with others, where Leyla illustrated their design.

(Illustrations made by Leyla Reynolds)



The goal is to build a self-service platform that will sustain the wants and needs of these freelance creatives and other parties involved in ways that will not compromise or jeopardise their safety and livelihoods.







We greatly appreciate all incoming donations, whether they are big or small. Receiving your help will allow us to take this further and build a platform that can be of use to all parties involved. All our rewards will be delivered after we hit our target! 



1601766264_screenshot_2020-10-04_at_00.03.40.pngLet me properly introduce myself! Hi, I'm Veronica - a freelancer, creative, dancer, DJ and founder of STUDIO 27°. I am a Dutch native that decided to move to London to pursue her dreams in 2017. After jumping through many hoops and having many doors slammed in my face, I decided to create the opportunities I have been seeking but never managed to obtain.

I strongly believe that in order to operate in an industry that is truly inclusive, intersectional and diverse, we must all join forces to make this a reality. Relying on outdated systems, wishful thinking and quotas will only lead us to where we are now. 

Shedding a light on those who have been insufficiently represented and actively working towards intersectionality is paramount and in the end beneficial to us all. 

I have heard countless arguments on why these disparities still exist. The most recurring one is that initiatives, businesses or even institutions can’t seem to find enough under-represented creators to work or partner with. They find it hard to reach out or don’t know where to begin, so the easiest option is to rely on people they’ve worked with before. This becomes a systematic problem when the majority of those opportunities only seem to reach our male counterparts.

STUDIO 27° is taking part in the Crowdfund for Change programme supported by Business Launch Pad and Jes Bailey - founder of CROWDFUND 360. I am also part of the Prince's Trust Enterprise programme & Impact Hub's King's Cross business support programme. 


Thank you so much for getting this far & for supporting this campaign. Please donate either using the rewards listed or pledge money and become part of the change we like to see in this world!

Please get in touch on for any questions or press related enquiries.


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Get your own 27° limited edition poster made by Graphic designer and Illustrator Diana Mora! Diana is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer born and raised in Argentina, based in London, UK. Her illustration work is colorful and playful, with a focus on patters and womxn. She is passionate about intersectional feminism, nature & culture, mental health, self-expression, diversity and inclusivity.

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'I am breaking toxic, generational cycles every damn day' limited tote-bag! 'I am breaking toxic generational cycles every damn day' is a mantra we all should be reminded of. The moment you become aware of your (thought) patterns, that's when you can decide to do things differently. It is time to break that, that doesn't serve you.

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We all live incredibly busy & different lives, and with the pandemic around still, it probably has increased the stress we have experienced. With a plethora of energies, feelings, & experiences, we all should know our feelings & emotions are valid. Likewise, working intentionally and proactively on our wellness is so key. This wellness workshop is a webinar that will explore ideas, affirmations, and plans on how to utilise wellness for you.

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Do you have an idea or interesting topic that you would like to share with a new audience? You now have the opportunity to be a radio host for a day. You'll have a call with DJMBT to discuss your ideas, potentially have a brainstorm session and prepare your 60 min take-over show at community radio station Threads Radio, North London.

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Always wanted to learn how to DJ? GIN - DJ, event producer and founder of Faggamuffin Bloc Party will provide you with the basics and a full breakdown on what you need to know as a beginner DJ. You will receive a 60-min video + PDF handout on how to use DJ equipment, how to fully set up, preparation insights, track selection tips and more!

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Experience your own tiny room concert containing 10 minutes of ambient, cinematic music by Romanian violinist & film composer Ioana Selaru. Ioana Selaru is a classically trained film music composer and violinist born in Romania. Her compositions include original scores composed for short films, documentaries & animations, but her portfolio stretches out far from the traditional media, covering music production for art installations & exhibitions

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