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by Kim-Sue Annessa Hylton in Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom

Studio Printz


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Studio Printz provides affordable and accessibility-friendly Print and Design Service for every individuals and businesses.

by Kim-Sue Annessa Hylton in Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Kim-Sue Hylton. I am profoundly deaf - a Found and Owner of Studio Printz. I graduated at University of Wolverhampton in September 2019, studied BA (Hon) Fine Art. 

I have always love creating art ever since when I was at a young age, also observing other people's art piece and understand the story behind it is truly fascinating. The thought of wanting to help people by creating an art form whether it is for themselves or for their business is something that I am really passionate about, so I am hoping and working on turning my business - Studio Printz as a full time job and help others by bringing their creative ideas to life.

I am currently working as a Supervisor at Indoor Trampoline Park and Active Entertainment Industry, I am also a Shared-Owner of Bake4Lov Limited - a vegan dessert company based in Sandwell, Birmingham. 

My company (Studio Printz) were launched earlier this year - 2021, Studio Printz provides print and design services for sole trader, small businesses and medium-sized businesses. As well as providing accessibility for every individuals including those who have a disability, ensure that there are no barriers within Studio Printz and receive best service possible when using Studio Printz. 

Unlike my competitors - Instantprint, Vistaprint and other companies who does not provide the accessible services and make their products more understandable for those who does not have a great knowledge of materials that they need for their businesses.

It is time to change that and make every individuals feel inclusive because everyone should get a chance to work on their dream job. My company provides accessibility-friendly options to every individuals including those who have a disability such as hearing impairment, learning difficulties and so forth. 

What do I mean by accessibility-friendly? Accessibility-free such as: 

  • Sign Language translation video will be shown on my company website.
  • Sign Language option is available for Video Consultation (booking an interpreter is not required) - hassle-free and speedy service than having to try book an interpreter to be on call with the client. 
  • Text / Whatsapp is available for those who may not have an access to an email or find it easier to text to keep on track with the updates. As sometimes an attachments on an email can get lost in it trends. 
  • The popular contact systems such as an email and phone-call are also available.
  • In-store visit - will be available when the restriction has been lifted. It gives customers an opportunity to visit Studio Printz and gain more knowledge of the printing materials and GSM (Grams per square meter - paper card thickness) before going the order process to ensure that they receive the correct print materials that they wanted to use for their businesses. Also, an opportunity to place a print service order in person and/or consultation appointment for design service if they do not have an access to computers.

That's what makes my company different and unique.

In hopes of raising the money, I wish to expanding the business's technologies and equipments such as - purchasing the:

  • Print and Cut machine for banner and signage.
  • Guillotine machine to behead the marketing materials, naming a few - business cards, flyers, posters and many more.
  • A4 double sided printer (can be printed up to 300gsm).
  • A3 double sided laser printer (can be printed up to 350gsm).
  • Vinyl cutting machine.
  • Laminator - to laminate the posters, flyers, menus and business cards.
  • Binding machine - to produce notebook and books.

Most of the funding will go in to purchasing the resources for the print service. As I am currently offering limited of print service - such as offering stickers, labels, vinyl. Once I have the equipments that I need, I can finally expand the print service options where customers can order business cards, flyers, notebooks and many more through Studio Printz. Give all of customers an opportunity to understand more about the materials before purchasing it ensure that they receive the correct product that they need for their business. 

As an entrepreneur - I have experienced rejection, discrimination of my deafness, contact system barrier where most companies only rely on phone-calls and do not give an alternative contact option - for instance video call or emails. As I am aware, few companies do not have time to have a inquiry conversation on an email which could be frustration sometimes. 

Most companies website uses long professional and difficult wording when describing or explaining their companies or products - which can be difficult for people whose English is not their first language especially learning difficulties and deaf people with low reading level. 

I ensure that my business environment are accessibility-free and supports people from all backgrounds on professional levels. No matter what disability, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, language, religion, sexual orientation they are, they will be treating the same as the way how I want to be treated - in a comfortable and friendly environment. 

Because I understand how it felt being excluded and not able to do what other people can do because the barriers exist and that is why Studio Printz exist. If there is a barrier within Studio Printz service, there is always a way to break that barrier and make it accessible-friendly. It is my number one priority to make sure that everyone feels inclusive and gets the same experience and same opportunity.

I have so many potentials and so much more the give, that is what keeps me going to help other individuals and businesses.


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