Studio and website

Studio and website

complete a small studio and create a website:h to it give free access to singer/songwriters or DJs audition cd.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi,  and thank you for taking the time to visit. As you can see, I have set up a small studio and I am looking to launch a website for helping up and coming singer songwriters and djs to showcase their talent and hopefully get to a wider audience via the site. It is primarily for anyone who would like to get a more professional production of their work weather it's a rap or a DJ set,it maybe a singer who wants to produce an audition disc of show tunes to send out. The key thing is that it won't cost the performer to do this they just need to register and indicate what their goal is and what the believe is needed to get them that next step. We will then look at the information and offer potential solutions and what help we can offer in the way of studio time, introductions to Proffesionals in the industry, production from an existing set of music and lyrics. 

We also hope to do some  live performances of some of the artists work this would be posted on social media and the long term plan is to expand into a larger studio space to allow for more facilities to create a live atmosphere and be a meeting for members of the website to share their stories and meet with engineers and producers as well as contributing to the site to make it more than just a website but a talent pool of like minded artists of all genres but with the same goal to get their music out there and inspire others who I would like to call seekersofrhythm and that's the name of the website and all that is connected to it but always with the belief that the members are the talent and that's what drives the whole thing. 

I have always wanted to develop this idea ever since I was a DJ working a circuit of night clubs around Manchester and as the A&R for a record company. This opportunity is now a possibility and with the support of yourselves we can make this happen. Your contribution will go towards items for the studio because what I have will not be sufficient for the work that is planned and the rest will be to get the website built and running. The intention is to generate revenue from advertising offering the opportunity to have their products promoted and sponsorship of the live venues when it gets to that point. I thank you for taking the time to visit this project and I hope that you see the potential for the next generation of successful artists. Thanks again, John