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To offer musicians and music students a place to record and help them get recognised in their genre.

by Adrian Williams in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Hey, my name Is Adrian Williams and I am the co-owner of Madness Records Ltd along with my business partner Lawrence Richards. In the past, I've hosted weekly free open mic nights in Worcester and has done various other projects which include helping to record people and set them up their own gigs. Over the last 5 years, along with my business partner Lawrence, we have put our own money into buying equipment and have built a home studio based in Birmingham. Since this, we have provided artists a place to record while we assist in the mixing process of producing their album.

Over the last 2 years, myself, Adrian Williams and business partner Lawrence Richards have designed our idea to run a record studio/label that will provide artists, singers, and bands a studio to record at if signed under our label. We are open to all genres and we are still receiving submissions from other bands based in the UK to help support them production-wise and management. We have been supporting 2 bands and a female singer with management, booking, and promotion through our fan page. A website is currently being designed.

Our next step is to be able to sign the previously mentions bands & the female singer to our label and provide them the studio and take their career onto the next steps to become more successful. Along with our ambition to run the label, we would run the studio on a day to day basis from 8 am through to 10 pm, available to anyone who would like to record their music at a professional studio with an hourly charged rate. Anyone we take a liking too, again we would like to sign more artists and bands to expand our label.

We have our name, a logo, and we have our company house number. We are fully serious and dedicated to our end goal, we just need that little extra finically backing to enable us to move forward with our label and build our studio and help make the creative culture in the UK more viable. Starting in Birmingham.

We currently have a building with spaces we can rent in Digbeth based in Birmingham City Centre. Which is a perfect location and within walking distance of all 3 train stations and the coach station. Also around the same areas are music colleges, BIMM and the Access Creative College where I currently attend studying Music Production Level 3. We want to provide services to the young adults that attend the colleges around the area to have access to a recording studio to work on their music and keep them off the streets and out of crime and involved in music. When I was younger I didn't have any options like this.

We have expanded our team and taken on a lady called Chelsea Ness who will now deal with bookings and promotion, we’ve taken on a guy called Richard McKeown to work on making distribution deals.

We have plans next year starting from January where our bands will be performing and our artists. The majority of the gigs our bands will be supporting headlining bands which are being set up by Madness Records.

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