StudentRank - Created by students. For students.

by William Emmerson in Sunderland, England, United Kingdom

StudentRank - Created by students. For students.


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StudentRank is a student focused business and the aim of this campaign is to turn our idea into reality.

by William Emmerson in Sunderland, England, United Kingdom

Created by students. For students. We are 3 university students and we aim to create a platform that allows our users to develop and grow their professional business skills, thus foster a society of developing young professionals that will lead the field in years to come. Furthermore, we aim to help SMEs and other smaller firms capture the right graduates and interns for them to stimulate positive business growth and generate exposure to the ever-growing graduate market. StudentRank’s competitive advantage lies in the ability to straddle multiple markets. We offer a unique offering that creates business value by linking the student recruitment market, psychometric testing and student professional development. Through this we create real value for multiple stakeholders therefore, allows us to offer a dynamic service. Core offering: The testing area - a web-based platform that allows students to freely practice psychometric tests without any repercussion to their recruitment opportunities. Simultaneously, we offer companies the opportunity to engage with the top performing students with the aim of creating positive business and student relations and create recruitment opportunities that may not have originally come to fruition. The network - a platform that allows business-student interaction concerning opportunities, advice and review. PROBLEM A) Most graduate and intern roles require individuals to pass psychometric tests, hence practicing is an extremely important part of being prepared for the recruitment process and securing that dream job. Psychometric test companies do not have much presence within Universities, consequently students are unaware that you can practice and where to practice, as well as there being a scarce number of sites where you can practice fully for free. This is where our testing area comes into play. B) SMEs do not have the exposure to the student base to allow them to compete with larger organisations and they find it difficult to attract top graduates and interns coming out of universities. SMEs also do not have the financial or people resources to employ sophisticated systems or introduce testing to assist with candidate selection and therefore, find it difficult to identify people fit for the role and firm. C) Universities are coming under increasing pressure to place students into internships and graduate roles for several reasons. The main pressures include financial loss and intangible factors, such as, business relationships, statistics, student satisfaction and league rankings. SOLUTION A) StudentRank are currently developing a platform that not only allows students to practice psychometric tests for free but also allows them to create real business recruitment opportunities. This opportunity is presented with no repercussion to future recruitment opportunities as only the top performing candidates are visible to businesses. B) The testing area alongside the use of the network (both explained below) allow SMEs to interact with the graduate and intern talent pool directly. This helps to solve the SMEs issue with exposure and improves their ability to discover and recruit fitting candidates. All interactions will be held on StudentRank’s internal messaging system. C) The network is a platform for accommodating 2-way student-business interaction. Not only is it a space where firms can post about opportunities, it also allows students to interact with one another and promote themselves by expressing interest and engaging in discussions. By providing a platform for students to seek internships, placements, graduate roles tailored to them and for firms to promote their opportunities, we increase the number of University students who are successful in securing an internship/placement. The capital will be allocated to ensuring the business is compliant with all regulation and policies, for example, GDPR and allow StudentRank to begin small, innovative marketing campaigns.


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