burgers are simple to eat, imagine modifying them so they could hold delicacies from other regions?

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I study at the University of Greenwich, and I am about to finalize my degree, I am looking to begin my own enterprise. 

I have a variety of ideas in what sort of food I would like to go into producing, I am a chef and learn something new about catering each day. the simplicity and ease of consuming a burger shouldn't just be filled with patty, bacon and cheese (and so on), I am going to begin to produce a product which incorporate a variety of different cuisines, into this portal, clean and easily consumed vessel. 

this outlet will begin with some kind of mobile contraption and will become a restaurant with time. 


£5,000 - £10,000 

A typical investment level for a roadside or small event start-up. What could you get?


1) A small, new trailer for shows and events
2) A mid-size, new trailer for markets and car boots
3) A second hand van conversion for roadside trading
4) A second hand sandwich snack truck
5) A second hand ice cream van
6) A second hand kiosk for a licensed pitch or a town centre
7) A refrigerated vehicle for delivering buffets