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Student Online Coronavarus Educational Support

by mohamed sidat in Leicester, England, United Kingdom


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To support vulnerable students who do not have access to online educational resources by providing them IT support and delivering resources.

by mohamed sidat in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

We are a registered charity established since 2006. Over the last 14 yrs, we have managed to help thousands across the country especially in Lancashire and Leicestershire. We have relocated to Leicester in 2018/19. We currently have 3 trustees and a business advisor as part of our management team and 5 staff and 8 volunteers. 

Our charity objectives are to promote education and recreation safe/space for all. We have 3 main remits: Educational Initiative, Health and Well-being and Community Cohesion.

The main use of the premises is for leisure,  education, tuition, activities, events both upstairs and downstairs with 70+ activities delivered from Oct 2019 to pre-lockdown.

This includes sports, football, basketball, tennis, cricket, games, winter retreat (10 events/activities over 2 weeks), workshops, training, home education clubs, art, stem, poetry, drama, and many many more... all activities can be seen on our website... We have been delivering leisure activities since the opening and had over 500+ people attending to date. 

Our aims as part of this project: Developing a new approach, product or technology, Piloting a new scheme, Implementing a new initiative, New area or beneficiary group, Adapting or continuing vital services in response to COVID-19. 

Our project fits in with the above as follows: We will produce new resources and materials for students and they will be able to log in online. Those who do not have access will be provided with IT equipment so they can have access to the work. This is a new initiative in response to the COVID 19 lockdown. Providing access to materials and resources for those who do not have access due to the lockdown. We want to help the vulnerable, to provide hope, build their confidence, self-esteem, allow them to connect to professionals.

Our project addresses one of the above funding areas as follows: By giving the disadvantaged the key access to educational resources and materials online and offline. This will allow them to stay in education and continue studying and learning. As most students in the catchment area are not native English speakers it becomes even more difficult as some parents don't speak English or have a poor understanding. This will only increase the illiteracy amongst the community.


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