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Make children's dream a reality thanks to your support.

We did it!

On 14th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £63 with 7 supporters in 35 days

We are 5 students at Westminster University. Hippolyte from France, Bharath from the United States, Aiden from China, Rudra from India and Quynh from Vietnam. Thus our group has worldwide preoccupations. 

During a module of entrepreneurial practice, we had to choose a project to learn our skills. Our group realized after a discussion how lucky we are to be supported by our parents in our studies. That's why we choose to put our entrepreneurial skills to serve children those in need.

In this way, we choose to create a partnership with Childreach. Created in 2003 in London, their mission is to provide everything to children in the world to improve themselves. Their slogan "unlock a child's potential" show that all children should be free to fulfill their potential.

But those children needs you and your support!

With only £10 you will help 188 children to develop IT skills and try to involve their way of life.

We expect to raise £300 and help more than 100 children thanks to your donation. All the amount of the crowdfunding campaign will go to the Childreach organization. We don't provide a reward because we think that if you want to support them, you don't want anything back. However, as the reward, we will show you for each amount invested wich action you offer to the children.


This crowdfunding campaign is not the only actions we will make to raise funds and help Childreach.

- Raising fund in the street

-Selling tickets, tee-shirt for the organization/cake in the university

- Organize a final event 3 days before the deadline in partnership with company or organization


For more inforation, visit ChildReach website:


 Thank you very much.





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