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Student Film

We are looking for Funding for our Student film, Run.

We did it!

On 12th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £637 of £500 target with 26 supporters in 49 days

New stretch target

If we gain this much we will put all extra money into equipment to vastly improve the production quality. This in turn will support us for future projects.

Actor Rory Wilton in costume for Run.                                                          Actor Ben Hicks in costume for Run.

Photo Credit: Poochi Purtil                                                                                   Photo Credit: Zack Vincent / Fin Davis



2 Bank robbers in the old west: its beautiful, brutal, taught, tense & clever. It's about trust, mistrust, suspicion & consequence - & it will co-star Rory Wilton and Ben Hicks.


This will provide us enough money to Hire a Costume Designer which will vastly improve the production value of our film. In addition their skills will allow for the costumes to match the period and authenticity of the costumes.


This will enable us to purchase additional equipment required for this film, including Lavalier Microphones and ND filters for the lens, this will in-turn help when filming on the Moors.


Another £100 will be put into Props for the actors including Backpacks, Camping equipment and many other period props. 

Actor's Expenses:

After the money has gone into the aforementioned, we will use whats left to cover the Actors themselves and Hospitality for everyone including lunch and fuel money. 

We have made 2 Student films before, however this time we are planning on getting more Props and Equipment to improve the quality of the film.

Links to Prior Films:

White Lies:

This is not a Dream:

The Crew

Director: Fin Davis 
Director of Photography: Zack Vincent
Editor: Zack Vincent
Scriptwriter: Fin Davis

The Actors:

Rory Wilton:

Ben Hicks:


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