Student Accommodation and Visa

by Morgan Morton in United States

Student Accommodation and Visa


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I would like to ensure the best for my education in an environment that inspires me to be better than I am and make the world better.

by Morgan Morton in United States

Hi, My name is Morgan Morton. I'm from Wilson, North Carolina and I have just accepted an offer to study Journalism at the University of South Wales for 2019-2020. I studied 2 years prior at Western Carolina University but I've always felt a bit out of place and ostracized especially living in the South It felt like I had to work twice as hard to make myself seem just as qualified and professional because of the preconceived notions associated with being a black woman. Last year I had the opportunity to study abroad for a year in Cardiff, Wales. This being my first time on a plane and my first time out of the country. Understandably so I was terrified, but what awaited me is a family and genuinely the love of my life. I found myself completely immersed in a new culture and a new way of life that didn't make me feel like the "other". For once I felt accepted, I felt recognized, and I felt respected. It has always been a dream of mine to work for the BBC which is why I decided to study abroad in the first place. I come from a lower class working family, so for a year I worked every job I could think of to get me here in addition to financial aid and loans. This year because I want to transfer I have to pay 50% of my course fees upfront which I am able to do with my loans but the only thing is my visa. You have to by law show that you have £1,265 for each month of your studies (up to a maximum of nine months) in your bank account. Because I will be on a 9 month course and will be graduating next year I need to show at least £9,135 in my account 28 days prior to applying for my visa. This is show that I am able to pay for my accommodation or student housing. I am a prideful person who believes in the quality of good work but I know when I should ask for help. It's not easy to admit but I need help. I only ask for support in this whether it be financial, emotional, or simply sharing this on any platform you feel comfortable doing so. Thank you very much.

Some Journalism Pieces I've done while at USW:

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