Support Stuart Hallworth

by Alex & Chris in Stalybridge, England, United Kingdom

Support Stuart Hallworth


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Help Megan to relieve the financial pressure while Stu is recovering after a violent assault

by Alex & Chris in Stalybridge, England, United Kingdom

This is Stuart and Megan. Stuart was violently attacked coming back from his till then pleasant and peaceful stag do on Saturday. He was hit by a man who had just been arguing with train security and came onto the platform intent to cause trouble. He hit Stuart so hard he was unconscious before he hit the ground, the fall did more damage though as he fractured his skull on hitting the marble floor heavily. Luckily there was a member of the public there trained to deal with these situations and he basically held Stuart’s head together and stopped him choking on the blood that was now filling his throat, and coming out of his eyes and ears until the ambulance arrived, without him he would be dead now. The ambulance team then took over and took him to Leeds hospital where they had to operate firstly remove a blood clot on his brain, then relieve the pressure on it. Stuart now has a huge horse shoe shaped cut that goes round his ear and up onto the top of his head, and a nut on the top of his head relieving the pressure from the swelling to the brain. More than 24hours on and somehow Stuart is awake and talking although remembers nothing of what happened which may be for the best. The long road to recovery starts now.

Stu and Meg are planning on getting married on the 25th May, however this has now left Stu unable to work and as a self employed tradesman has no income to finish off helping to get the final details of the wedding sorted and has put massive pressure on Meg to cover all household bills as well as the final wedding costs.

We are trying to raise as much as we can to assist Meg here so she can get Stu better as quickly as possible, and hopefully they can still get married. Any donation would be a welcome bonus and greatly appreciated by Meg, Stu and us.


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