Struggling to Pay Dental Charge Error

by Pete Couldwell in Blackpool, England, United Kingdom

Struggling to Pay Dental Charge Error
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To cover cost of a dental charge bill which I have received due to mislead information at dental clinic.

by Pete Couldwell in Blackpool, England, United Kingdom

In June 2019, I visited my dentist for a dental check to avoid being struck off. My dental check went fine and at the end of the visit I was asked if in reciept of any benefits etc. I stated I carry my working tax letter. I was asked to provide it which I did as I am on a low income and cannot do long hours due to a medical condition. Once they looked at it they told me I was covered by NHS funding and nothing to pay and I was asked to sign the form, which I did. Then I was told there would be no charge. Now I have received a bill from NHS saying I was not entitled to funding and have to pay the dental cost and a penalty charge on top for something I was wrongly advised. I have contacted the NHS and dentist and cannot get these costs removed and told I have to pay in full. I am struggling to find the payment and if not paid soon extra charges will be added and passed to a debt collection agency. I am not sure what I can do apart from use this service as advised by my neighbor.

I now hope I can find some kind of help and support before it is too late.

I am so worried about this :(

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