Struggling student nurse no financial aid

by Mimi k in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Struggling student nurse no financial aid
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My aim is to fund my journey as a student nurse (1st year) to graduate. Working 37 hours a week without pay, no government aid as of 2017.

by Mimi k in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

I am a 2017 applicant for nursing and i am now in my 1st year as a student nurse. The governement have now as of 2017 stopped funding student nurses so we have to pay £9,250 a year and we also have to work 37hour a week shifts without pay for the nhs (which i love working for) however financially it has really taken a tole as its only been four months since the course has started. Student finance accept maintanence loans judging by parental income however my parents refuse to share details, so I am unable to recieve full loan funding from student finance. I am managing of £158 as of now till the end of january to aid my own food, travel costs, study costs and i am unable to work as i am working for the nhs as a student nurse of 37 hours a week (plus study days sunday to revise for exams) The reason why i have decided to start my own crowd funding is because I would still really love to continue my dream of becoming a nurse and helping the NHS. I love nursing and would hate to stop something ive dreamt of. I never expected to come on here however because of my urgent situation i have had to.

If you would be happy to help me out through this year i would be really really grateful, if not i am still grateful x

Thankyou x

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