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by KateB in London, England, United Kingdom

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What if....pram wheels could navigate steps as easily as electric wheelchairs or delivery trollies? Freedom is just a small adaptation away!

by KateB in London, England, United Kingdom

As mentioned in my video, the undercarriage of a pram has barely changed since it's creation some 300+ years ago. While there may be enhanced suspension systems, air pumped wheels, or three- rather than four-wheel formations, and the ability to smoothly navigate a simple set of steps has eluded this market.

I constantly come across people stranded half in and out of underground tubes or blocks of flats, hoping a kind stranger will offer to help in manhandling their baby and pram onto the next level platform or around a broken down lift. Add in additional adventurous siblings, and the effort to be out and about with children feels like it faces more hurdles than it's worth. Especially if you're looking to cut down on using a car and make more use of public transport.

Having had the experience of living in a City with a small baby (and a back that had never recovered from a road traffic accident in my twenties) I recognise that using baby slings and back packs is not always an option. As we all try to manage our lives in a more environmentally conscious way, getting in the car is also not the default solution, even if a car is readily available.

And men and electric wheel chairs take these everyday obstacles in their stride. Using a design akin to a fidget-spinner, the "stairclimber" sack truck trolley relies on a wheel configuration known as "tri-star", three wheels set into a triangle configuration replacing the standard wheel on either side.

I am looking to create a post-production, replacement 'stairclimber' pram wheels with the appropriately constructed centre fitting for all major pram manufacturers in the UK. 

This would immediately open up new horizons for parents, guardians, carers and babies/children, making the navigation of any inner city landscape less of a hurdle and more of an adventure. Giving freedom and choice back to the consumer. 

Right now, this is just an idea.....but I think it could revolutionise the pram industry. 

Any money raised would be used to start creating protypes as we seek to deliver a safe, robust and easy-to-attach replacement wheel that smooths out the biggest of bumps.  

Will you join me on this quest and support my CrowdFunder project?


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

£30 Reward

30% off stairclimber wheels once up and running

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10% off stairclimber wheels once up and running

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20% off stairclimber wheels once up and running

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40% off stairclimber wheels once up and running

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50% off stairclimber wheels once up and running

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