RSPCA New Animal Centre in Oldham

Strinesdale is to become our new Animal Shelter and local community support centre.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Introduction to our branch

The RSPCA Bury, Oldham & District Branch has been supporting the local community for over 100 years



Sadly on the 31st August 2015 our animal centre closed after 50 years in the mumps bridge area of Oldham. However, on the bright side the branch is currently raising funds to build a new animal centre adjacent to the Stinesdale Reservoir in Waterhead area of Oldham.


We are a team of 45 employees and over 100 volunteers, 11 of these employees are animal care assistants who are dedicated, committed and passionate to animal welfare and they also have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide the animals with the care, love and attention they require until we are able to find them a forever home.

We have a network of charity shops located in the Bury and Oldham borough. We are a non-profitable organisation and rely on the support of the local community to be able to continue the work we do. We receive no government or lottery assistance and the majority of the cost to run our animal centre each day is rasied locally through charity shops, corporate sponsorship, fundraising events and voluntary donations.


What we want to achieve

We would like to add a solar-energy system to our new animal centre by doing this it would enable us to capture free daylight which could then be converted into electricity, this would significantly reduce our running costs of the animal centre generating 30kw which in effect would save the animal centre £8,000 per year on electricity. We would then be able to invest the money saved back into the local community to help those animals most in need.

The benefits of adding a solar-energy system

By raising £5,000 this would contribute to us being able to add a solar energy system. By having a fully fuctional solar energy system to the roof of our new animal centre it would help us save 5% of our running cost enabling us to;

  1. Help the branch sustain its activities in the local community and allow the branch to increase its current services.
  2. Being set in a rural setting, if we was to have a green energy source this would help natural ambience of the area
  3. We would have a reliable source of energy which is more cost effective
  4. It will enable us to offer our training roon facilities to the local community as we will be using the power we generate ratr than taking from the grid.
  5. It would enable us to invest the money back into our community and help those animals most in need.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a vital community service to a population of over 400,000 across the Bury and Oldham area. As well as rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing dogs and cats we provide a number of subsidised services to aid animal welfare;


  • we provide subsidised veterinary care to the local community on low income and benefits
  • we provide a subsidised neutering clinic to the local community on low income and benefits
  • we provide a micro chipping to the residents in the Bury and Oldham community
  • we also deliever educational presentations to the local schools and children clubs such as cub's, brownies.


Our strengths

One of our strengths is our brand name "RSPCA" although this can also be a weakness as we are a separately run charity from the main RSPCA HQ and are responsible for raising our funds, this is something which most members of the public are not aware of.

We have a dedicated team of volunteer and paid members of staff who run our animal shelter and income generating activities.

We are the only RSPCA branch in the North to have a mobile welfare clinic which attends a number of venues in the Bury and Oldham area. The welfare clinic team work to engage the local community to provide subsides service to animals most in need.

As you will know, preventing animal cruelty is at the heart of everything we do and for that reason the branch decided there was a need to establish a dedicated enducation team to go into schools and other childrens clubs to help educate the younger generation about the needs of animals.

Our track record  

over recent years our branch has managed to;

  • Rehome 1,633 animals
  • Offered welfare assistance to 7,893 animals
  • We have micro chipped 3,992 animals
  • and we have neutered 3,355 animals

To provide these services it cost the branch around £200,000 per year so by adding a solar energy system this would enable us to help many more animals which need our help. 

These are pictures are of Mo. (on the left is a picture of before and on the right an after picture) Mo was one of the 1633  animals to be rehomed by our branch. She entered our care via  an RSPCA Inspector due to her being subjected to cruelty neglect.