STRENGTH&: Fitter, stronger, happier

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Project by Scott Wilkinson

STRENGTH&: Fitter, stronger, happier

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Project by Scott Wilkinson


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We want to help more people improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Funds will be used to open a third group for another 200 members.

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Strength& is an outdoor training community. We've modified the type of exercise you might have seen in 'World's Strongest Man',  so everyone can get involved.

With two groups in Hertford and Stevenage we want to open another in Harlow, so we can help another 200 members improve their physical and mental wellbeing.



Strength& works like nothing else. Sign-up today and you'll be stronger, fitter and happier - not just in ten weeks but in ten years' time. Just ask any of our members - or Strength& advisor Andrew Tracey, Fitness Editor of Men's Health.

Why does it make people happier? It's a triple mental health whammy of The Great Outdoors, a community of encouraging mates and, of course, exercise.

Strength&'s programming is written by experts who understand the science of how strength and conditioning releases endorphins. The exhilaration it gives you is addictive and you'll keep on coming back for more. Which is the secret of how to be fitter, stronger and happier over the long-term.

And, of course, you'll want to be coached again and again by Ollie Clarke, the UK's Strongest Man (u23).


We run seven sessions in Hertford every week - and three in Stevenage. Weekdays are evening sessions. During the weekends, we're live in the morning. For exact times please check the Strength& website.




Regardless of who you are - how good or bad your current physical shape - Strength& is designed with you in mind. We don’t pose. We don’t bark orders. We don’t do ego. We do train smart and support one another - on and off the field.

Every session starts with a warm-up. Some bear crawls perhaps? Or a deck of cards? Short and intense, you’ll be warmed-up in six minutes or less. After that we work on strength, focusing on pulling, carrying, pushing and lifting - the quickest way to build functional muscle. Our kit list includes: atlas stones, yokes, tractor tyres, prowlers, sledges, farmers handles, sandbags, sledge hammers, axle bars, dumbbells, olympic bars, trap bars, ropes, harnesses and, of course, plenty of weight plates.

While training for all that strength we certainly don't neglect conditioning either. Aerobic capacity is the key to applying your strength for longer - meaning you can move even more weight. Our programming includes plenty of carries, weighted runs, timed pushes, aerobic pulls and team games with sandbags - as well as more traditional conditioning exercises.


More testimonials can be found on the Strength& website where you can sign-up for a FREE SESSION >


If you live in or close to Hertford or Stevenage - or know someone who does - pledge £38 and we'll give you two months of unlimited training. Pledge £75 to get four months and £110 for six months.

If you're further afield, there's lots of  Strength& merch. We also have some mighty fine t-shirts, training tops and hoodies. This top quality merch in black emblazoned with a pink 'Strength& logo'. For smaller pledges we have signed photos of Ollie Clarke, the Strongest Man in the UK (u23) and signed posters of our Director of Strength Brett Sizeland - whose motto is: 'Conditions are always perfect'.


Before we can open for another 200 members in Harlow we need to buy a third full set of kit. Each costs around £3,500. But the most expensive item is the second-hand van - which needs to be in reasonable condition - so we can transport the equipment and keep it secure elsewhere overnight.


1615982162_e1fb9008-eec3-499d-a930-ed79cfe25d7f_1_105_c.jpegAt the core of Strength& is Brett Sizeland, our founder Director of Strength. Brett has an MSc and 20 years experience in the fitness industry, having been a Strength & Conditioning Coach for more than 12 years. He has trained elite athletes, owned gyms and is now dedicated to bringing the physical and psychological benefits of modified strongman training to the widest possible group. To fund the startup he works full-time, runs training sessions without taking a salary and also has a young family with wife Jess.

1615982311_40e5b4e6-878f-4f50-b797-3e8d4213b5e3_1_105_c.jpegBrett's co-founder is Scott Wilkinson, Strength&'s Head of Ops and Purpose. Scott is helping Brett translate his vision into the commercial format which will deliver on the mission quickest. Starting his career as a financial journalist, he is now a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, including five years working with Richard Branson at Virgin. Married to Kate, a special needs TA, they have three kids and Scott runs two other ventures to help fund the growth of Strength&.


Wherever possible our business sources from small and / or local suppliers and creates long-term partnerships. We're always on the look-out for local coaching talent and take pride in bringing out the best in those we recruit.

As a community working on our strength, conditioning and happiness, Strength& is also here to support the wider community. You'll find many of us are active - individually and collectively - helping out those in greater need. Usually quietly. But we're not afraid to make a noise while recruiting others to a cause.


Every August we'll be asking our members to take part in a series of team challenges to raise money for local food poverty charities. Together, can we get food on the table for families by carrying a yoke to Edinburgh? Can we lift the weight of all the bricks used to build Buckingham Palace?

Not yet. But we have big dreams. As we grow we'll be looking for ways to turn our annual August challenges into World Record attempts. There's a couple of World Record holders in the group already - so we know how to get it done.


Thank you for making it all the way down here. You're awesome! We hope you'll find a way to support us. Please make a pledge via this page.

Or sign-up for a free trial >

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

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