Streetvendor want to get opportunity!!!!

Streetvendor want to get opportunity!!!!

street vendor 31 years old want to fund to start small business and hope to learn more

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Please give ma chance to study and for renovate a stall food.

Hello my name is Ple . 31 years old from township in  Thailand. I am the only child . Im a street vendor  at the small market . I just studied grade 9  because my family is poor . I start working since  10 years old. My dream is I  want to study more and start small business that better than now . So I want to raise funds  for help me . I love to learn everything if  I get a chance and hope  to graduate from high school and maybe a bachelor’s degree this is the ultimate dream. Me and my family have a better life if you all give me for a chance and support .

(  sorry my English skills is very poor, some word maybe is wrong meaning)

I would like £5000

for my study cost £2500

for renovate a stall cost £2500 

Every to fund to me  i will sent a postcard to say thank you to you. 

 You can make me give a chance.