Street Goat

Support us to start a co-operative, community micro goat dairy in Bristol... or maybe a few...

We did it!

On 24th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £9,345 of £9,000 target with 167 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

YAY, we're past £9000. 

Let's make the first project even better!

If we can get to £10000 we will be able to afford a huge library of cheese making equipment for our first and future sites to share!

If we can get to £11000 we'll start to develop resources to that other groups can start projects themselves!

If we can get to £13500 we'll invest in portable fencing so that we can help overgrown allotment plots be cleared and brought back into use!

The more we raise the more we can do. So please, keep donating :-D

Street Goat wants to bring people like you together to keep goats in the city.

Street Goat started with an idea: What if, as communities we can keep dairy goats on the overgrown land around Bristol?

Goats love weeds and brambles and help clear the land. As the group caring for the goats we would share the costs, the responsibilities and the milk. We could even make cheese and yoghurt together.

So we set off on our quest, meeting with Bristol City Council, talking to neighbours and friends, applying for funding. The council showed us the perfect first site: an overgrown allotment in St George where people abandon their plots because it is too difficult to grow there.

So... the first step... our first micro dairy.For this we need money to cover the costs. We need £9000 to build a small 2-4 goat farm. This will formalise the lease on the land and build long term infrastructure - fences and comfortable housing ready to welcome the first goats onto the land. The goats will be cared for by a group that will collectively share the responsibilities, costs and milk. But we want to do more than this!

We want to start micro dairies like this all over Bristol for everyone's benefit.We have been lucky enough to be shortlisted for match funding!

If we raise £15000, we could unlock a total £45000 with match funding from the 'Just Growth' fund, if we are successful in being awarded this fund. With this we'll create a network that will support new sites to start up in Bristol. While the day to day tasks of looking after animals are great to share as a small collective, some of the legal requirements of keeping animals in this way are tedious on a tiny scale. The Street Goat network aims to make urban animal husbandry easier and so connect more people with their food production.

We'll buy shared cheese making equipment and tools. We'll run courses on cheese making, animal husbandry and more. With £45000 Street Goat will start spreading across the city, and the country!

The more funding we raise the more animals we can keep in the city... so please donate!


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