Tackle issue young people face within our society, Street Girl's aim is to spread awareness to young people and adults about youth culture.

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This is a true story about a young black girl in south west London, raised by a single mother and older sibling, this young girl unfortunately became a product of her environment. This is a heartfelt description of how she became young offender and how her ‘Street Life’ caught up with her in the end. This book explores many social issues from drug abuse, sexual exploitation, single parenting, gang culture and life as it is in the “hood”.

Tim Pritchard Author of Street Boy took interest in Nequela Whittaker and together they decided to write about how her life changed due to Gang Life. Nequela wants her story to be heard in order to spread awareness for young girls and boys who have made negative lifestyle choices, or those who are thinking about doing so. She shares the truth and harsh realities about the street first hand and readers will be made fully aware of the repercussions and consequences that come along with “Street Life”.

Although this book aims to highlight the truth about the lifestyle and the negativity it brings, it is in no way used to glamorise or encourage gang related activity. Nequela hopes that this will ultimately inspire young people and others to make positive informed decisions. Despite the fact that this ‘Street Girl’ girl experienced life ‘on the road’ and became a young offender; she was able to turn her life around and is currently in her last year of completing a BA Hons Degree at Goldsmiths University in Applied Social Science, Community Development and Youth Work. Nequela is now a Committed Empowered Original and runs her own Mentoring Company and advocacy service offering direct one to one support for young people at risk.

Street girl is a raw adaptation of the girl gang culture, society is not always made aware that girl gangs exist thus, this play acts as a reminder to society that it is not only young boys who offend or need to be kept safe. ‘The Street Girl’ needs to be kept safe too, they are Gang in their own right and Sexual Exploitation is not always the obvious route in to Street Life.

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