Street Food- Sustainable Seafood

Street Food- Sustainable Seafood

We require a catering unit and a van to enable us to be self sufficient and enable us to take freshly cooked seafood to local villages,

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 We are a street food company set up in May 2015.

We are looking for backers to enable us to take our sustainable and local seafood to local villages and outlying areas of Cornwall.

For this aim we require a catering unit and a van to enable us to be self-sufficient and as mobile as possible. We do have mobile equipment but not the means to get it quickly and regularly to outlying events and areas

We hope to be able to hire local village halls/event spaces where we can arrange for seating and regular get togethers of the community by making and selling, at an affordable price, our ethically sourced seafood.


We will be selling some of our equipment which is surplus to requirements, along with some personal item to raise the money we need. 

We are serious about bringing ethically sourced and freshly prepared food to all those who woud not regulary have this available as an option to them.

This is a community buidling iniiative and we hope one that is worthy of backing


Many thanks for taking the time to look at this project