Street Cramps

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Period poverty is a massive issue in the UK right now, Street Cramps is an organisation which is tackling this issue.

by Bimini Love in United Kingdom

Want to start a Street Cramps project in your area? Get in touch with me at and we'll get you set up in no time at all.

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Period poverty refers to having a lack in access to sanitary products, Street Cramps provides homeless women with monthly boxes of sanitary products, tackling this issue. Many women on the streets are choosing between food or tampons and food wins every time. By providing a woman with basic sanitary needs they are also given the dignity that they deserve.

Each box will provide a woman with:

> Pads/Tampons - These are basic items and essential for women on the streets, they are forced to use things that are demoralising and could potentially cause health issues.

> Clean underwear 

> Wipes > Deodorant - These both are for comfort and personal needs, helping them to feel less uncomfortable

> Heat pads - To deal with cramps. Pain relief can't just be handed out and when they don't have access to hot water for water bottles or any other way of dealing with pain, these are air-activated pads that stick straight onto the body to help relieve the pain.

Street cramps launched two years ago on Crowdfunder and has been running ever since, we have been working closely with St Pectrocs and Cosgarne Hall, who have been handing out Street Cramps boxes to those who need them. We have now decided to try and expand our services to other places where it is needed, as we have received requests from people from all around the UK.

As well as this we are trying to get Street Cramps plastic free! 

£10 pounds can provide a woman with essentials for one month, £120 could provide a whole year. All of the donations that we receive will go towards continuing the work of Street Cramps in Cornwall and in other areas where it is needed! 

Amazing Humans on iPlayer

BBC3's Amazing Humans team recently came down to Cornwall to make a short film about me and my Street Cramps project and you can now watch it on YouTube. They visited Cosgarne Hall which provides accommodation and support for homeless people in Cornwall. I've been working directly with the team there to distribute every penny I raised during Street Cramps.

The Russell Howard Hour on Sky 1

I was also lucky enough to be invited to talk about my projects on the The Russell Howard's Hour for Sky 1. Once again, thank you Russell and the Good News team for having me and supporting my project!